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And so it begins…….


This week is put pookah to sleep when he is sleepy week.

I’ve done the research, and discovered the times of day that Pookah is sleepy.    So far, it’s working.  He’s having a morning nap now, after going down at 930( after waking up at 730).  Unfortunately, he went while eating( yes, on the boob 🙁 ).    But he went down.  And has now been down for an hour.

In the words of Madea :Hallelu-yer!

So now, I am going to see if I am successful for the rest of the day.

Oh, and I’m trying to wean him off the wrap.  I’m trying to start with one arm at a time.  But you know, it didn’t work this morning.  It didn’t work last night when C-Dub tried to go cold turkey and take off the wrap completely.  Oh, he slept for about 30 minutes. But then, wouldn’t stay asleep for the next hour while I tried again, and again, and again.   He would wake up scratching himself in his head and his face and just wanting to play with his feet.  But as soon as I would pick him up, almost before I got him up on my shoulder, he would be asleep.  And then I put him back down, and he would wake back up.  After an hour, I just wrapped him back up.  I KNOW, I gave in.  But he had been off all day, not napping well.  I just wanted him to get some sleep.  And he did.  He woke up once last night.

So, what do I do to get him to stay down when I KNOW he’s sleepy, I KNOW he’s not wet and I KNOW he’s not hungry??

Any suggestions??????

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  • Reply
    Quiet Dreams
    May 24, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    No suggestions for you, but yay for progress!

  • Reply
    B MoM
    May 31, 2010 at 1:08 pm

    ugh, when you figure it out, please share, b/c my boy is fine w/o a wrap (always has been), but he gets up, like 5 times a night to nurse. crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

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