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Big Chop #2 and Products

Soooo, I went around a week with my hair basically covered up.  Either I had on a wrap or a hat. 

So today, I decided that what my hair needed, was shape.  What my hair needed was evenness.

I set out to a salon, where a girl there does “natural” hair.

From the moment I stepped in and saw the various hairstyles in process, I wanted the creamy crack( relaxer).  The way these chicks hair just laid down in a style, even when it wasn’t curled……

But I held on, and let the girl wash, condition and shape my hair.  Now, she didn’t take off much more than I already had, but it looks much better. It has a shape to it!  While talking to her, she did suggest a few products to try for my 4a/4b( translated: very very kinky) hair:

Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme for two strand twists, twist outs, coils, braid outs, etc.

Kinky Curly’s Curling Custard  to bring out your natural hair’s curl pattern.

Kinky Curly’s Knot Today leave in conditioner for detangling.

I added Shea Butter and ElastaQP’s DRP-11 for deep conditioning. ( I LOVE THIS STUFF!)

New products to try!(and tools)

So, I’m going to try out these products over the weekend.  Of course, I’ll post results and reviews. 

Happy Friday!

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    September 10, 2010 at 8:28 pm

    GREAT products! You’ll have to play around to find the right product, but it’s fun learning what works & doesn’t work. Be prepared for good & bad hair days, but once you find the perfect mix, there will be more good than bad!

    I also have 4a/b, mostly b hair and the one thing that I found out was my nappy hair LOVES water!

    Have fun MyFriend & remember Nappy is Happy! 🙂
    TheMrs recently posted..Protected- Sorry for the radio silenceMy Profile

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