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House of Earth and Blood:Crescent City Book Review

Hey friends, here is my honest House of Earth and Blood :Crescent City Book Review, the first book in author Sarah J. Maas brand-new Crescent city series. 

crescent city book review

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My Crescent City House of Earth and Blood Recap Summary ( spoiler free)

Let me preface this review with: I love me some Sarah J Maas! I DEVOURED her other two series and I still go back and re-read The Court of Thorns and Roses series OFTEN and that The Throne of Glass Series is also a favorite.

I’m a fan fan.

So anyway, I had been waiting for House of Earth and Blood Crescent City for what seems like FOREVER.

I took it with me on a cruise and spent hours holed up in my cabin reading it while I could have been on the lido deck.

The first half of this book was a hard to get through.. There was a lot of world building for this contemporary fantasy world of magic and that made for a really really dense book as we got to know the underbelly of the city, a rebel movement, all of the magical creatures, and different houses.

The main character, Bryce Quinlin ( aka a party girl), is focused for much of the book on healing after the ruthless murder of Bryce’s Best friend and the pack of devils.  And also, the heart of the investigation to find out who killed her and who stole Luna’s horn, a priceless artifact that everyone seems to be searching for. 

The first time I read this, it dragged through the first half. But now, after many many reads, I noticed that there are so many easter eggs and plot points that are needed for the second book and the rest of the series that I implore everyone: take your time. 

There are so many unforgettable characters Hunt Athalar, the notorious fallen angel, Ruhn Danaan ( the Fae Prince), The archangel Micah, the Autumn King and Queen Hypaxia of the witches to name a few.   

Around the 2nd half of the book, the story picks up I did pick up and I did start caring about the characters and this strange new world. a 

Until I was thrown off again. Then miraculously it all wrapped up. 

Kind of.

The second half of the book was like a SJM book of old with page-turning suspense and SO MUCH UPHEAVAL. 

Needless to say, by the end, I was so immersed in Bryce’s world that i was stunned that it just…ended….

Dear reader…. we were left not on a cliffhanger but an intriguing enough ending that you think hmmm…what is going to happen in the second installment?

Overall, once I got over the worldnbuilding and background, I have to say I enjoyed getting to know the characters and sub characters and picked my favorites.

I will read the other books because..once I start something I have to finish and I’m honestly curious how she brings it all together for the next book. 

( spoiler, she does in a big way in the action-packed sequel) 


Four Stars( after many many reads) 

Would I recommend it?

Yes of course, if you can get through this first book, the rest of the series is worth it. 

Where to Buy House of Earth and Blood:

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Have you read any of this series? What did you think?