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Day 4 What I ate today

What I ate today??? This is Friday going into Saturday morning.

Well, lets see……

8:00 am: Oatmeal.  With sugar, butter and a dash of salt.  Because Oatmeal, you know, helps with breastmilk production.  And we are obsessed with breastmilk production over here.  Also added in fat free Lactaid milk.  I am(as most black people are) lactose intolerant.

10:35 am:A glass of orange juice with the rest of the applesauce that Pookah decided he didn’t want to eat.

11:00 am:Microwaved a piece of leftover barbecue chicken from two nights before(got to eat those leftovers, can’t be wasting money!) with baked sweet potato fries.  Mmmmmmm sweet potato fries………

12:35 pm : A snickers with almonds while out buying pampers.  I deserved it after I had to change that poopy diaper in the back seat of my hot car.

2:45 pm: OK, I need real french fries.  Fried them up in the pan while the Pookah sleeps.  Lots of salt, pepper, and ketchup…..I’m drooling…….

5:00 pm: A little bit of the frozen skillet meal I threw together for the hubby to eat for dinner. 

6:00 pm: On the way to work, Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk..Yummy yummy in my tummy….

7:15 pm: Coffee.  With 2 half and half’s and 6 packets of sugar( yeah. I need sugar AND caffeine)

10:00 pm: Working hard, and very hungry.  Wait….someone is ordering Chinese……in the meantime, 3 packs of graham crackers hits the spot.

10:30 pm: Took my last 2 Fenugreek tabs for the day

11:45 pm: Sizzling rice soup and orange chicken….

1:30 am: Turkey sandwich on wheat while pumping.  got 6 oz.  Like I said earlier, we are obsessed with milk production around here.

3:00 am: 2 strawberry shortcake cookies with 1 cup of coffee with 8 packs of sugar.  Needed a wake up.

4:00 am:  Ate the rest of the sizzling rice soup.  Eating to stay awake now……

5:15 am: Banana while pumping again. Got 6 more oz. 

7:45 am: Ate apple on while driving home from work.

8:30 am: Eating oatmeal once again before crashing………..

Looking back at this…its no wonder I can’t loose any weight!!!!!

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    August 8, 2010 at 1:01 am

    You are a very busy lady! It’s amazing that you are a blogger on top of all you’re doing. Eating right is just plain work…I have a hard time with taking the time to make food for myself instead of just snacking all day on sugary things! You are doing well though, look at all the healthy food you ate: you had oatmeal, orange juice, applesauce, chicken, sweet potatoes, peanut butter sandwich, rice soup, turkey on wheat, banana, and an apple!!!

    • Reply
      August 8, 2010 at 1:10 am

      Life is really busy, I just didn’t realize that I ate so much until I wrote it down!

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