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Day 6 My day

Here is a glimpse of what my day today is going to look like. 

Are you ready? Put on your rollar skates…..

7am on the dot: “dadadadadada.”  Yep, Pookah is awake.  C-Dub(the hubby)” you want me to go get him?” which really translates into( I want to go get him so I can give him to you and go back to sleep.)  I breastfeed, Pookah and I get up to allow “Da Da” one more hour of sleep.

7:30am-9:00am: After seeing C-Dub off to work for the day, Pookah and I fart around: I eat some oatmeal, and fight with him to eat his oatmeal.  After making a mess(as he tries diligently to feed himself), we go change his clothes , play a little before he wants to eat again, and fall asleep.

9:00am-10:00am. ahhh, the Pookah is sleeping.  I plan at this time to put away the dishes, pick up all the toys on the den floor, and generally straighten up downstairs before he wakes up.  Instead, I spend the next 45 minutes on twitter…….

10:15am: I hear the babbling coming from the bedroom. Little man is awake.  Damn!  At least I got the dishes put away. 

10:15am -12:00pm:  I put Pookah in his walker(yes BAD mommy!) and he zooms around while I further straighten up downstairs.  I start thinking about what’s for dinner and take out whatever has to unthaw.  C-Dub calls to check in and bitch about his job.  I make the appropriate noises at the appropriate times while trying to stop Pookah from pulling stuff out of the kitchen cabinets. I’ve really got to childproof…….

12:15 pm:Breastfeeding again and Pookah passes out after lunch…..CSI is on Spike………

12:15pm-1:00pm, I sneak in lunch and watch CSI while trying to get through my google reader, and writing a post. But Twitter keeps calling me……

1:00pm If he’s still sleep: finish cleaning up downstairs. Throw a load of laundry in, and add the load in the dryer(from yesterday) to the ever growing pile of laundry to be folded…..le sigh.

1:00pm: If he’s awake, still throw a load of laundry in and attempt to fold with Pookah( the eight month old) as my ever faithful helper.

2:00pm-3:0opm:  Shower and brush my teeth while pookah is distracted in the play pen by many things I normally don’t let him have( ie my cell phone,  the remote control).

3:00pm-400pm: Sort of independent play.  I get on the carpet, spread out lots of toys and let Pookah  go for it.  He plays, he rolls, he scoots, he pulls up on furniture while I read blogs, research, check email, and play Farmville.

4:30pm: Pookah falls asleep.(Hopefully)

4:30pm-600pm: I get ready for work.  This means: Bottles need to be made, my lunch has to be packed, my work bag needs to be packed, C-Dub’s dinner needs to be made.  I need to get dressed. I need to lay out everything for bedtime JUST RIGHT so that C-Dub doesn’t have a think at all trying to put his own child to sleep.

6:00pm: C-Dub is home.  I give report, say goodbye and off I go to fight afternoon rush hour on the way downtown.

7:00pm to 7:23 am:  I work like a dog in a urban Labor and Delivery. I’ll have to write a post about that someday.

8:00am:  Home again. Pookah is awake and wants kisses and breastmilk. I get him ready for daycare.

8:30am: Drop the pookah off at daycare.

9:00am: Force myself to get in the bed and go to sleep for the next 5 hours.

Did you notice that I never took a nap?  Did you notice that  I didn’t take a shower until 3pm? Somedays I don’t get one until he goes to sleep that night!

Thank God I only do this twice a week!

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    August 9, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Girl, I have a headache for you, lol. Did you realise how much you actually did during a day before you took the time to write this out?
    Christina recently posted..Body After Baby – FAILMy Profile

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    Saidah - A Proverbs
    August 9, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    A friend of mine works a 12 hour shift at the hospital too. I think she works 3 or 4 days a week. She is worn out by the time she gets home at 8am. She has 4 little ones at home (2 still in diapers) and 1 on the way. It sounds tough! It’s amazing how much we can get done and still operate without losing our natural minds. Thanks for sharing and for commenting on my post.
    Saidah – A Proverbs recently posted..How I Balance Marriage- Home Schooling- Blogging & Home MakingMy Profile

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