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5 Habits That Help Me Return to My Routine

This post has been sponsored by The J.M. Smucker Company.  I received product and compensation, but all opinions are my own. 


So it’s been almost two weeks since the new year started, and it has been hard to get back into my routine after the holidays! 

After weeks of waking up when I wanted, lounging on the sofa, staying in bed, binge-watching Netflix and endless trips to Target, it was finally time to get back to my routine!  

And I did it! By Friday, I was back.

Here are the 5 Habits that Helped Me Return to My Routine

1. Every morning, I woke up at the same time and got dressed. 

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I live by my morning routine.

So after weeks of waking up whenever and walking around in pajamas and leggings, I knew that I needed to get up and get dressed to get back to my morning routine. I’m not trying to be fancy, but it helps me I feel like I’m going back to work if I dress for it.

2. I had a schedule and stuck to it. 

Working at home gives me a lot of freedom, but in order to get back into my routine, I knew I had to return to my schedule and create a to-do list. 

After two weeks off, my brain couldn’t quite remember my routine!

Having to do lists with smart goals helped me to stay on track and avoid searching Netflix for new shows instead of buckling down to work! 

3.I Eased back in.  

Even though I had a schedule, I didn’t plan to do all the things on Monday. I made my to-do list short and sweet with tasks that weren’t too hard. By Wednesday, I was full throttle.  

4.I took breaks and took the time to drink coffee..alone.

One thing that really helped me get back into my routine, was getting back into the habit of having my first cup of Folgers Black Silk Coffee blend alone each morning after everyone went to work and school. 

It was pure bliss!!!

With 12 distinct roasts, Folgers offers a wonderful selection of flavors for us coffee lovers! I love using the Black Silk Roast for my first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s a smooth dark roast coffee that is guaranteed to wake me up! 



5. I went upstairs to my office…instead of the couch

After my morning cup of Folgers Coffee, I made sure I walked up to my office and got to work! Going to my office helped cement the idea that I was returning to work and my regular routine.  

That’s it friends! Hopefully, these five habits that helped me return to my routine will help you too! How do you get back to your routine after a long break?