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Hello to anyone who decides to visit from ICLW!

A little background:

I am 21 weeks pregnant with my first child after a miscarriage and D&C in December.  Right now, this blog is mainly about me trying to learn to enjoy my pregnancy.  It’s been hard, but since I ‘ve reached the halfway point, I am becoming more and more cautiously optimistic.  So, if you want to read, great! if you don’t, I totally understand!


Friday 24th of July 2009

I so dislike when they leave out important bits of a movie!!! I'm not a harry potter fan, but in the secret life of bee's.. a book i loved.. they left out SUCH an important part. i was pissed.

Sorry you were so disapointed.

Caragh ICLW


Friday 24th of July 2009

Hi there,

I also had a miscarriage and D&C. It took me a while to get over it, mind you, I don't know I will ever fully recover from it. Last year I fell pregnant again and my baby girl was born 2 months premature. She's now 10 months old and the light of my life. Congrats on your pregnancy. While I was pregnant I did not really get excited about it at all, I kept on waiting for the bomb to drop. When she was born her room wasn't even ready because I didn't want to buy anything until it felt real.

I hope you enjoy your pregnancy and that all will go well. Good luck.


Thursday 23rd of July 2009

Congrats! I was wondering if I was the only person who didn't remember the burrow burning. Loved however the casting as always, and the sets. Happy ICLW!

Lindsay (The Steadfast Warrior)

Tuesday 21st of July 2009

Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm almost 28 weeks after 2 miscarriages last year. I know how you feel. I'm finding it easier to get excited about meeting my little one but I still have irrational fears.


Tuesday 21st of July 2009

Congrats on reaching 21+ weeks... just stopping by from ICLW and wishing you a happy and healthy remainder of the pregnancy.