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Ins and Outs at 21 weeks………

Ok, 21 weeks.  Four more to go until I reach viablility. Well, technically three more, but 25 weeks sounds better to me.

Went to a baby shower today for one of my friends who got knocked up accidentaly.  Must be nice.

It was nice, and the whole time, I was imagining that it was my baby shower.  I wish I were over 30 weeks.  I wish it was almost time!


Things that are in this week:

Cocoa butter:  Lots of it.  I can feel the stretching.  I just don’t want to see any evidence.

Baby kicks:  Yes, he is kicking.  And I spend the whole day waiting for it.

Constipation:  I had the worst gas pains of my life this morning.  I thought I was in labor! But being the neurotic Rn that I am, I checked myself, drank a gallon of water, took simethicone and put in a glycerin suppository.  30 minutes later, victory. 

Hunger:  Self explanatory.

Peaches:  Wow.  I mean, they are so delicious, and juicy and sweet and …….God, I’ve got to go to the store right after I finish this!

Swelling:  I keep trying to tell myself it’s just the heat.

Things that are out:

Abdominal muscles:  I used to have pretty strong ones.  Now………

Italianv: Gives me waaaaaaay too much heartburn.

My wedding ring:  My fingers are swollen.  It is now on a chain around my neck.

Sex:  Again.  I am working on it.

A full night’s sleep:  My bladder feels the need to empty every 3 hours.

My fat jeans:  (God that’s depressing.)

Well, that’s all for now!  Stay tuned for next week’s adventures!


Monday 20th of July 2009

Yay! 21 weeks! I'm lovin reading your posts these days. So happy that things are going well for you!


Monday 20th of July 2009

I love how you magically predict the same post I'll write in 1 week. =)


Monday 20th of July 2009

Time is flying, I can't believe you're already 21 weeks!! :)