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June Photo a Day Prompts: Cherish Everyday 365

Here are the June photo a day prompts for the Cherish Everyday 365

june photo a day prompts

We are at the halfway point friends!

Six months in and I want to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey. I know you may not have the time to participate every day for the last 150 something odd days, but I thank you for joining our community when you can.

I love getting to know you all these months and I can’t wait to see how our lives all evolve over what is the beginning of a summer unlike any other.

No one knows what this summer will look like, so it’s hard to anticipate. But I still want to document it.

Guys this is an unprecedented time, and I for one am grateful for a project like this to help me to document this time.

How to participate this month

Participating is simple!

You can join at any time! If you are just joining us for May, that’s ok! If you just want to do May, that’s ok too!

Just check the list every day and take a photo using the prompt as your Inspiration.

Then, share your photo on Instagram using the hashtag#cherisheveryday365 or #cherisheveryday365_May a

Go through the #cherisheveryday365 and the #cherisheveryday_may hashtags to like and comment to be a part of the community.

Download the June Photo a Day Prompts to your phone or print them out for your planner!

If you want tips on how to complete a Project 365 head to the January Post!

I am loving following along with all of the photos coming out of this project and I love getting to know you all! I can’t wait to see more photos this month!

I can’t wait to see what you guys share for this month’s challenge!!

Happy Shooting!