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Letters to My Son: Your New Love


Dear Pookah

Fourth grade has started and although I wasn’t as worried about you this year as last year, I still…worried.

This first month of school has been a world wind of getting to know new classmates, testing( already yes), you deciding you want to join this club and that club and play an instrument…I mean…it’s been non stop!

And homework time is back, along with all the frustrations on both our parts that come along with it.

BUT, you have a new love: your teacher.

Every day our afterschool car ride goes something like:

Mrs B says that there are more people in China than anywhere else

Mrs B likes movies.

Mrs B said I’m mature.

Mrs B is married, has two sons, has a dog..can we get a dog

Mrs B let me work on my own stuff today.

Mrs B doesn’t yell.

Mrs B only buys meat from the farmer’s market. Where do we get our meat? ( the same farmer’s market baby)

And on and on and on.

My baby has a crush!

I’m so tickled. And I love that fact that you like her. You want to please her and like all children who really like their teachers, you don’t want to disappoint her.

I love it.

I will say that so far, I kind of like her too. I noticed that you were struggling with a new concept and that I WAS TEACHING IT through blood sweat and tears from both of our parts.

I send her a message on Class Dojo and what do you know! She sent one back 5 minutes later. At 6 in the evening.

Yeah, so I think I like her too.

So for now, I’m going to say the first month of school is going well.

We’ll see how it continues once these violin lessons start.

Let us pray for Mommy’s sanity.

Love Mommy.