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Life Lately

School is offically over and im just so excited that we not only survived, but managed to thrive by the end.

So basically, as of last Friday, it’s summer.

**ques summer summer summer time**

Now that restrictions are easing up and Cdub and I are both vaccinated ( Pookah isn’t 12 until November so we wait impatiently for him…) we are venturing out of the house and it’s been lovely.

We went to the beach for spring break.

Then to a family wedding at the beach last weekend.

Pookah’s long time camp is reopening and I signed him up.

C dub is traveling for work again and as I write this, we are sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to DC to visit the twins!!

But ya’ll…im tired.

I’ve been home relaxed for a whole year, and the pace of my life DRAMATICALLY slowed down.

It used to be nothing for me to fly out somewhere at least once or twice a month, and now..I am almost overwhelmed!

There is so much to do and we already have plans in the works.

But as life returns to our pre-pandemic busy lives, I have to question: is that what I want?

This last month has shown me that while I love being able to go to the beach again, and to see family, and hang out with vaccinated friends on back porches with wine….

I already miss the slow pace of last summer.

I miss the long afternoons in the hammock, half asleep while pretending to reading a book.

I miss agonizing over those little hornworms on my tomatoes.

I miss not having an agenda because there was nowhere to go but a walk around the neighorhood.

So as we go forward this summer, I want to find a way to marry both ways of life.

I want to see my friends and family., but I want to still have those long afternoons in the backyard.

I want to go back to my favorite places, but I still want to enjoy the little oasis we made our home in the last year.

Basically, I want to eat at the restaurant, but I want to do it outside…away from people LOL.

I guess as we all move forward we will all find our way and find the balance that makes us all comfortable.

How about you? How is reentry going?