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My Baby Needs a Cupcake! (Gluten Free Adventures)

So, last week, there were several birthday parties at Pookah’s school. I guess they have just been denying Pookah a cupcake or piece of cake, and he’s been alright with that.  But last week, he went HAM on them, and stole a cupcake.

And ate half of it before they got to him.

I’m sure he had THIS expression on his face…

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Amazingly, he didn’t have a reaction.

Or if he did, it was so small that no one noticed.

The principle said that she looked him over, saw no hives, no runny nose, no wheezing, no rash, no NOTHING.

How very very strange.

I’ll be investigating that further, but in the meantime, I’ve decided that I need to provide my child an alternative, so he won’t feel the need to ummmm steal a cupcake.

That may or may not kill him.

So, all the mixes in the stores are HORRIBLE!

Let me repeat.


You take the gluten out, and you are left with this dry crumbly mess.

Fortunately, all of Duncan Hines icings are gluten free.

But I’ve been searching for alternatives for better tasting cupcakes.

And I might have found something.

A few weeks ago, I found Deliciously G-Free: Food So Flavorful They’ll Never Believe It’s Gluten-Free By Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Amazingly, there are several cupcake recipes WITH the recipes for many gluten free mixes for cupcakes, cookies and brownies. She( elizabeth Hasselback) was on that new show The Chew and they RAVED about how good the cupcakes were.

Her claim to fame is that she tried these out on her husband and her children and they passed the test.

Well, I’m about to put it to the test. I will NOT have Pookah potentially having a reaction because he’s tired of being left out of the fun.

So, I’ll update you guys with photos and taste test results.

In the meantime, I’ve got to find

  • brown rice flour
  • coconut flour
  • tapioca starch

For the classic yellow cupcakes and

  • brown rice flour
  • sweet sorghum flour
  • potato flour

For the Devil’s Food Cupcakes.

Of course, I could only find the brown rice flour in Whole Foods. I did find the tapioca starch and Coconut Flour in Kroger. Soooo, I’m going to have to order the rest off of Amazon.

Wish me luck folks! My baby needs a cupcake!!

P.S. The photo above is participating in Sweet Shot Tuesdays! Go check it out!

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Wednesday 22nd of February 2012

Wow! So glad ur lil cutie is OK. Food allegies are so difficult when they are so little and don't completly understand. My little guy is allergic to peanuts and soy so we are always on the look out! Our school usually has a substitute ready when the snack is something he can't eat. What a gr8 mom u are to work to find him a tasty treat he CAN eat! Enjoy ur little guy and his beautiful smiles! wishing u all the best Jaelma


Tuesday 21st of February 2012

Well, thank goodness he didn't have a reaction.


Tuesday 21st of February 2012

He is so cute - and it has to be impossible not to steal a cupcake. I hope you find a great recipe!


Tuesday 21st of February 2012

Awwwww hope they are superb!!!


Tuesday 21st of February 2012

Aww! Poor Pookah, I don't blame him for being a little cupcake bandit, lol. That must be so hard for you & him! I hope the new recipes are awesome and they give you enough notice to send him with some gluten free treats.