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New Daycare Explorations…..

You know, since the incident, I’ve been looking for a new daycare for Pookah.  The current daycare is on Strike 20 at this point, and the situation is so dire that I was considering keeping Pookah home.

With me.

All the time.

Even after working all night.

But last week, A little birdy told me to do my monthly check in to the daycare that Pookah has been on the waiting list for.

He’s been on this list since before he was born( seriously?)

But anyway, I called, and imagine my surprise when I find out that YES, they have a spot available in their 1 year old room!

So I quickly made an appointment to meet with someone today, to go over Pookah’s issues.


Waiting list daycare is located at my church.  My church is in fact only 10 minutes away from the house.  Longer than the two the current one is but hey.  Whatever.

This daycare is also muuuuch cheaper.  What I pay for 3 days at current daycare is still more than what I will pay for full time at waiting list daycare.

I go, and the person I am supposed to deal with is sick.

And didn’t bother to call or tell the person left that I would be coming.

Hmmmm( hint of ghetto noted).

The substitute acts surprised that I want to talk, go over, discuss some things. ( ghetto fully noted).

I get right to the point: Pookah is allergic to wheat.

With a straight face and no surprise she says: “We have three others here who are too.”

A breath that I didn’t realize that  I had been holding came rushing out.

Well hallelujah.

She went on to explain how the other parents handled it and the fact that Waiting List Daycare puts their menu out two weeks in advance.  So you in fact can plan.  And they stick to this menu.  She said that I should circle the things he cannot eat and provide substitutions if possible.  The teacher gets a copy, the kitchen and the director.

Wow.  Someone actually has a plan in place.

I was sold on that alone and decided to overlook the undercover ghettoism.

Until they noted that they don’t start supporting Potty training until the child is 2.  In the 2 year old classroom.

That’s 5 more damn months!!! WTH?

Pookah’s ready NOOOOOOW.  ( really, we’re ready more, but moving on!)

That would mean that all of my hard work would be for nothing if he is not practicing it all the time.  I could use the next 5 months to introduce him to it, but I don’t want to introduce him! I want him potty trained.  This is the main stumbling block right here…….

So, I got a packet and will return with it on Thursday.  Hopefully I can get to see the classroom and talk to a teacher or two, get a tour …….you know other important stuff.

I think I will give his notice for current daycare tomorrow when I drop him off.  They need two weeks( like a damn job).  But it works out well.  Pookah will go on vacation and just start in a new place.

I guess.

We’ll see what happens on Thursday.

Either way, he is out of there.

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  • Reply
    June 14, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    I’m glad you found him a new place!
    krissy recently posted..she knows her body!My Profile

  • Reply
    June 14, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    That is awesome news! I am trying to find my son a new place, too. Unfortunately, the waiting lists around here are 2 years + long AND $1100+ per month. He now goes somewhere 25 minutes away and much, much cheaper. I am so jealous.
    Ayana recently posted..Cowrie Shell Hair ClipsMy Profile

  • Reply
    June 14, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    That is wonderful! Two years may have been worth the wait.
    Nicole recently posted..Consistency HodgepodgeMy Profile

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    Ryan (The Woven Moments)
    June 15, 2011 at 3:17 pm

    Best of luck! Daycare issues make concentrating on anything else nearly impossible. Hang in there – hopefully Thurs goes well!
    Ryan (The Woven Moments) recently posted..The Silent Battle Part II The SolutionMy Profile

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