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Project 52

Project 52: It’s Friday, and Life is Good

I haven’t done a Project 52 post in a while.  But it’s Friday and I’ve got one for you today!

But before I get to that, let me update you on what’s going on in my life…..

I may have worked out my issue with Pookah and CDub. That is, I found someone who may be able to bridge the gap in the time it takes CDub to get from work to Pookah’s daycare.

A co-worker of mine has two daughters ( late teens) who have been BEGGING me to babysit Pookah.

He has that effect on people, go figure.

And when I realized that my co-worker and these two lovely daughters of hers had moved two streets over from us…..

A light bulb dinged.

I asked their mom if she would be OK with someone picking Pookah up two days a week and keeping him for about an hour or two. Just enough time for a snack and some play time.

She was OK, the girls are OK…I’m just waiting for them to tell me how much.

But basically, I’ll pay them whatever they want.

*jumping up and down*

It’s a win win for me. They and their mom understand his allergies. Their mom can give an epi injection STAT. And I already know them.

I told CDub and he was cautiously optimistic. I don’t think he had even thought of it.

*Score one for me.*

Soooo, I think I’ve found myself a part time nanny/babysitter….

My last ever night shift was last night….

I am having a massage this morning….

Pookah is doing much better….

Life is as good.

Project 52: Life is Good
Project 52 Week 33: Life is Good


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