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Letters To Our Sons

Letters to My Son: Keeping it Real

Dear Pookah.

Yesterday, was not a good day.

Oh it was good in the fact that you felt well enough to go back to school after being ill off and on for a week. Your appetite was back and so was your sunny nature.

Basically, back to normal.

Until suddenly you weren’t.

letters to my son keeping it real: real motherhood

We’ve been struggling, you and I, with testing your boundaries and me learning how to deal with them.

Because no matter what people seem to think, kids don’t come with a handbook and parents don’t automatically know how to handle every situation that arrives.

You and I are finding our way. Me trying to balance boundaries, discipline, and being there for you. You….yeah ….


letters to my son: on real motherhood

I know I will figure it out and one day look back on this time and wonder why I worried so much.

But right now, in the thick of it, I feel adrift, unsure and like I just can’t get this motherhood thing right.

But baby, I will get it right.

For you.

Letters to my son : keeping it real.


Because you are worth it.

You are my WHY.

And I love you.


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    January 26, 2018 at 8:03 am

    You are an awesome mama. Nope, no handbook and the relationship will continue to grow and change as they do, but you and he have an awesome bond.

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