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Saturday and Sunday

This weekend, I had a date.

That almost didn’t happen.

As I mentioned on Friday, Pookah’s school has “parent’s night out” every year in February. Excited much?? Ummmm yes.

Of course, the universe being what it is, Cdub woke up in a foul mood and we bickered most of the morning. Finally, he stated that he didn’t want to go anywhere with me. Date night or not.

I said fine! And huffed away.


I went to the store with Pookah and by the time I got back, I guess he had remembered what happens after a date and wanted to make up.

Lucky for him, I was in a forgiving mood, and DETERMINED to have this date night.

The neighborhood we live in/near has a thriving downtown area that is home to lots of independent, locally owned restaurants. Not a chain in sight. ( well one, but it’s a local one, so…).  You can walk everywhere. there are little pubs, and clubs, and hangouts and Starbucks and little eclectic shops and sushi.

Yep, we chose to go have sushi.



I haven’t had it in a LOOOOONG time. It was sooooo good.

Conversation was good. We laughed and talked and giggled.

And went to Krispy Kreme for dessert.



(no shame).

Pookah was in a bad mood when we picked him up. I don’t think he enjoyed the time away. LOL.

But that’s life.

So date night was the highlight of my weekend.  Sunday we sat around coloring



Playing impromptu games of baseball…


Napping and watching documentaries and Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

And it rained.

How about you? What did you do?


K. Rock

Tuesday 12th of February 2013

Sounds like a lovely evening. Date night is important. Glad yall forced yourselves into it!


Monday 11th of February 2013

Soon as honey gets home I'm demanding a date night!


Monday 11th of February 2013

Sounds like a great weekend (except for the bickering.)


Monday 11th of February 2013

Never had sushi. Yay for date night I had a quiet weekend had plans Saturday but it was canceled so I was parked on my couch for most of the weekend.


Monday 11th of February 2013

Yup, it's what happened after date night that gets the guys moving. So glad that it all worked out and you got your date night.

This weekend was not everything I expected to be, but I'll take it.