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Saturdays Week 1

Remember when I did a Saturdays project where for 52 weeks ( a year) I did a day in a life every week using my iphone? 

Well…that project might be back.

I upgraded my iPhone, from a 7Plu to an XS. And the way it takes photos is so different that I feel like I’ve got a whole new camera that I need to learn.

So I decided to start my Saturdays Project again.  One because it forces me to document our lives and two, it’s just fun.

This project MIGHT be iPhone only and it might incorporate photos from other sources when I have them. We shall see. 

But for now, here is week one. We were in the mountains on an overnight date. Something we NEVER get to do.  More on that later.

Yesterday 4/6/2019

get away cabin in atlanta


P.S. That visit to urgent care was a result of smoky eyes from the campfire we built and sleeping in my contacts. Ended up with an eye infection from hell. 

But it’s all good! LOL

See you next week. 

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