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Sunday Links

Just sharing  a few posts I read around the web this week that I think you should read too. Enjoy

First, Chookooloonks wrote about You are Your Own Niche over on her blog.  I struggle with what is my niche a lot, so this post was right on time.

Luuvie’s Post of The 5 Stages of Watching Scandal is right on time! I miss Scandal desperately and BET has their marathon going on this weekend.

Trina’s got a great post on Blogging Tips:How to Get on the List: Blogher13 . Love this post since I’m in the mist of rebranding around here. Stay tuned….

A post over a Clickin Moms about Overcoming Obstacles had me thinking about my photography journey.  I really want to start at 365 or a Project 52. But really, I can’t count how many times I’ve started and stopped one of these projects.  This post gives great tips on overcoming all of the things I think hold me back.

And finally, Black Girl in Maine’s post Want Change? Leave your Silo is an awesome read on understanding and KNOWING each other.

Check out all of these posts! You won’t regret it!