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Weekend Wrap Up

What did I do this weekend?

Not nothing.

I had grand plans as usual.  My mother’s 66th birthday was Sunday and I had PLANS to go see her and cook for her etc.

But I was so damn tired by the time Friday arrived, she knew, CDub knew, and finally I realized that it was not going to be safe for me to drive down there and back all in 48 hours.


So Saturday morning. I slept in. Now sleeping in to me means I slept until 7 am.  The sun was just coming up. It was wonderful.

I didn’t do a damn thing all day.  Well, I  take that back. We took Pookah to his very first movie experience to see Planes.  He loved it! But he was getting antsy towards the end.  An hour and a half was perfect.   Pookah and I meant to go to the park, but it rained in the afternoon. I spent the rest of the day reading a book in my pajamas.  CDub asked me to help him fold some clothes and I said no. He looked at me like I was crazy. I had no intention of doing anything related to housework on Saturday.  I wanted to curl up on my couch, read my sappy romance novel and eat my Gelato.

This is about to happen. Right now.....#vscocam

It was soooo goood.

I even caught up on some TV. CDub, taking offense, took himself off to play golf. SMH. Men.

Sunday, Pookah woke me up at the crack of dawn( 6:06 am to be exact) and since we were up, we went to the park. Where I discovered a Farmer’s Market that I didn’t know about. Lots of organic fruits veggies, breads, cheese, honey etc. It was sooooo nice. And Pookah got his face painted. 🙂

We left around 11, right when it was getting entirely too hot.

Pookah passed out when we got home and I went to get a pedicure and my eyebrows done and shopped ALONE at Target AND sat down and enjoyed my Starbucks!

I twerked for Cub  um, talked  cDub into barbecuing dinner and we had steaks and ribs and chicken and veggies. Yeah….I was…persuasive…….( cough cough).

it was a good weekend.

But I still didn’t fold that laundry.

*Side eye to the three baskets of laundry in my bedroom*



Cam | Bibs & Baubles

Monday 12th of August 2013

Oh girl I know the feeling of getting to Target alone!!! That happened to me for the first time in a long time. I was amazed at how clearly I was thinking without needing to rush through or make sure everyone else was OK. I found myself lost in the make up aisle looking for a new lip color!


Monday 12th of August 2013

Sounds like a heaven sent weekend for moms!!!


Monday 12th of August 2013

nothing at all wrong with twerking for your man! lmao!!!!

I didn't do much this weekend myself and i actually enjoyed that.


Monday 12th of August 2013

Good for you for getting some time to get care of YOU! I love that pic of you and Pookah :) I need to take my boy to see planes, there is no doubt he will adore it! I picked out my clothes to iron and for the gym right out the basket. The rest remain there. At least they are clean!


Monday 12th of August 2013

Sounds like a great weekend to me...them clothes ain't going nowhere leave em