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My temps have gone up!  3 days in a row!!!! So I think I ovulated on either Friday or Saturday.  Since I BD’d on both days, I am hopeful for a change.  It looks like my cycles are regulating.  I ovulated around day 17(this seems to be a pattern) and the EWCM was everywhere!  I am hopeful for the first time in months! Of course, I could be knocked down again, but I am trying to think positive.

It’s hard sometimes.  I work in Labor and Delivery and lots of nurses and doctors.  Co-workers are always telling me…”relax, it will happen.”  If I hear that one more time……  I know they mean well, but you know. I would have preferred to keep my TTC a secret, and I have at my main job.  But I have been friends and co workers longer at CL and I just feel more comfortable.  Besides, there are a few of us all TTC at the same time.  One was successful, but she just went home from the hospital yesterday for Preterm Labor.  One other has only been trying for 3 months and the other over a year.  My comrades in arms I guess you could say. 

I really hope that I am pregnant this cycle.  I leave for my new job tommorrow morning!  I won’t see my C-dub again until our vacation on the 21st!!!!!  I know it’s what we need to do right now, but still. 

Well, got to go pack(nope haven’t even started).  I am being distracted by Hurricane Gustav.  Scary.  C-Dub’s family has already evacuated from Lake Charles.  I worry about them anyway.

So send prayers out for everyone!

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    September 1, 2008 at 11:28 am

    The just relax it’ll happen statement drives me up the fucking wall! I agree with you, they mean well but they have no idea. Our family in New Orleans evacuated on Friday and Saturday. Some of our relatives in Baton Rouge decided to ride it out. I will definitely keep C-Dub’s family in my prayers.

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