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Our Project 52 Week 32: Using Leading Lines

I was flipping through my photo books from last summer and came across this photo……


leading lines in photography



I miss San Francisco!!! The weather was perfect, it was beautiful everywhere and if it wasn’t for the strong possibility of earthquakes( I just don’t like the idea of the earth moving randomly…) I think we would live there. CDub is still pushing for it in subtle ways…I’m resisting. For now…. Anyhoo! This is one of  my favorite photos from the trip. It highlights for me, how beautiful everything was.

Tips for using Leading Lines: Leading lines are used to lead your eye where the photographer wants you to go. The lines literally point you in the direction of the subject of the photo. They sometimes start at the bottom of your photo and lead you in. But they can be vertical or horizontal. Sometimes they even lead you out of a photo. ANYTHING can be a leading line.  In the photo, the subject is Pookah and Cdub. And the lines in the photo lead you to them: the bridge and the pier.





leading lines



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