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5 Ways to Get your Guests to Photograph Your Party

I am happy to be a Evite Influencer! This post is a partnership with Evite® their Say Yes to Summer Campaign. All opinions are my own

say yes to summer: 5 ways to get your guests to photograph your party


Summertime is here!! It’s time for family vacations, long summer evenings at the park, pool time, family barbecues and beach parties. I have tons of photo albums full of family gatherings in the summer from my childhood and really want to have the same for our family. As the resident shutterbug, it’s always up to me to document these events, but this year for our family summer beach barbecue, I am looking for ways to be more creative and get everyone else involved.  Here are

5 Ways to Get Your Guests to Photograph Your Party


1.Set Up a DIY Photo booth with an iPad and a tripod.

Set up a DIY photo booth with an iPad and fun props. Folks love to take selfies for any reason what so ever. Its one way to get everyone involved. Upload the photos later to social media for sharing.

2.Make a Instant Photo Guestbook

Use any instant camera to print out photos right there of everyone as they enter the party! It’s a great way to get guests involved as soon as they arrive AND to document who was there.

3.Make a hashtag for sharing photos

Everyone will have their phones out snapping random fun photos. Having a hashtag for your event helps you get all those photos in one place for sharing later!

4.Give Everyone a Disposable Camera

Hand out Disposable Cameras when everyone arrives and ask them to capture shots all throughout the event.  At the end of the day, you’ve got lots of photos from unique angles taken by your guests!

5.Use Evite’s Private Sharing Feeds.

When you send your guests an Evite invitation, the feeds are available for every invitation purely for your guests only. You can upload photos and tag your guests so that they can relive those summer memories whenever they want!

say yes to summer with these invitations from Evite


My family always has a giant family gathering every 4th of July . We’ve put it off a few years, but it’s time to start again!   Needless to say, that is going to require a lot of coordination of schedules!  I’m sending everyone an Evite invitation because it’s the easiest way to bring together all family and coordinate it all.  Evite has lots of options in their summer invitation categories that are perfect for saying yes to summer! You can also design your own!

photo credit @Evite

Evite® you to Say Yes to any and every reason to get together this summer.  Evite® wants to celebrate the ways that people Say Yes to Summer by hosting a photo contest inviting everyone who loves summer to share how they are saying yes to summer for the chance to win a $500 Gift card! ENTER NOW!!! And good luck!

Have you tried any of these ways to get your guests to photograph your party? Share!


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This post is part of the Evite®Influencer Program. All opinions are my own.

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Alexandra Thurstan

Thursday 1st of June 2017

Have never thought about making my own photo booth, we usually rent one out but it's very expensive! Might get out the MDF and get sawing and making a booth!


Wednesday 31st of May 2017

These are all such great ideas. I love having the photo booth. That seems to draw a lot of attention for photos then.


Wednesday 31st of May 2017

It's great to capture all the moments from a gathering. I never thought of setting up a hashtag for a party before. I really like the photo booth idea too.


Wednesday 31st of May 2017

These are all great ideas. I think setting up a photo booth is such a fun way to get pictures of your guests.


Tuesday 30th of May 2017

Now I want to have a party! So many great ideas to capture the memories from your next big event.