House of Cards is BACK baby! I’m trying to decide if I am going to binge watch over the weekend or slowly drip it out like I did last year. Either way, I’m sooooo haaaappppy to see what Frank and Claire have been up to!



JODECI!!! Chile have you seen the new video? Heard the new song?? YEEEAAAAHHHHH ( in my K-Ci Voice). I feel like I’m back in high school at Howard’s Homecoming just throwing myself at the stage. Chile….that’s good music



My Daddy turns 70 in about a week. My brother is coming down, I will be going down. It would have been a big occasional regardless, but in light of his health, it’s even more improtant.


Running some more. But I’m not in any hurry because I want to completely get rid of this lingering cough I’ve got before I take it up again. CDub and I both need to loose weight and we are signing up for the Peachtree Road Race when it opens for Atlanta Track club members on  Sunday. That means we’ve got 4 months or 16 weeks to train for a 10k and to loose quite a bit of weight. Cause he turns 40 this year and I turn 40 next. We will not enter our 40s fat, out of shape and unhealthy. Nope. Not happening.


Spring. Dammit. Where is Spring?



Nothing. I finished the Harry Potter Series once again. I now need something new. Any suggestions?


My child went back to school to day after two snow days. And it’s FRIDAY!!!!


What’s currently going on in your life?



From Where This Princess Stands….

disney princess half marathon

Taken with Canon 6D and Canon 40mm 2.8 Lens

Settings: Aperture: f 5.0/ shutter speed : 1/50 ISO: 6400.

I’ve had these shoes for 3, almost 4 years now. I bought them from Peachtree Running Company. I went in and did the running test so they could see exactly how i run and recommend the best shoes for me. I was excited you see, because i had just singed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

I ran for a few weeks, but by the time the race came around, I had stopped. My new running shoes were in the closet, buried underneath the rest of the forgotten shoes.

I signed up AGAIN. I can do this, i thought. I even had a buddy who singed up with me. We were following a running plan. We were going to DO this! But Thanksgiving came, Christmas came..and went and I knew that NO, once again, my money was wasted.

I ran a 10 K in July of that year with no training whatsoever, but hey..i ran something.

My shoes went back in the closet. Hidden under more junk.

Then, I signed up AGAIN.

What, did I just like wasting money?

But then, i started running early…and fell off…and stared training again…and fell off and then got sick as a DOG the week before the freakin race!

Was this a sign??? Was I just NOT meant to ever run this race?

BUT I doped myself up, got on a plane to Florida and dammit I ran, walked, shuffled, cried and damn near crawled my way through 13.1 miles at Disney.

And I finally completed a Disney Princess Half Marathon.

And I just like that, I crossed something off of my bucket list.

I guess the lesson is in this, keep trying, if you fail, try and try again. The third time seems to be a charm.

disney princess half marathon

 (iPhone 5 photos edited with Pictapgo app)

Tip: Telling a story with your photography is a great way to capture memories. You can take a photojournalistic approach and capture moments as they happen with no prompting or setting things up. You just let things unfold and push your shutter button to capture the moment.  But I have a few more tips when you are trying to tell a story with your photography:

  1. Capture the big picture: you want context, what was going on ? Sometimes, when telling a story, your background is just as important as your subject
  2. Capture the details: because that’s what you really want to remember: the way your baby’s hair curls arounds her ears, the silly little sparkle in their eye, or the many wrinkles on newborn feet.
  3. Use a wide angle lens: you can crop later, but it’s important to be able to get the WHOLE story in the frame.
  4. Relax and let it happen. Enjoy those moments, don’t force them. Have your camera ready and when the moment happens, just push the shutter button….


Our Project 52: Link up with and

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And our prompt next week is IN MY CUP!



Our Project 52: Heart/Love and the golden spiral

My love gave me beautiful roses on Valentine’s Day….

golden spiral in photography


Ok ok, STICK WITH ME until the end of this post! I promise, it’s worth it!! I don’t want this to go over your head, but when talking about composition in your photos, we are all familiar with a few of the golden rules of composition: rule of thirds, leading lines and framing. But a less known one, one that is considered a little advanced you might say, is the Golden Spiral.

golden spiral in photography

Fibonacci’s Ratio

This law was made famous by Leonardo Fibonacci around 1200 A.D.  He noticed that there was an absolute ratio that appears often in nature, a design that is always there in living things that makes them pleasing to the human eye.

In the golden spiral, the curve leads the eye to the center of the spiral where your curve gets smaller and smaller.

So your subject is placed in the smaller part of the spiral and everything else falls along the spiral.

It is best used for subjects that are rounded like curves, circles or this rose….

golden spiral in photography

This is not one of those things that comes naturally to most of us. Thankfully, just like all things in photography, it’s easy to practice and train your eye.

A few things I suggest:

The Camera Awesome App( by Smugmug) has compositional overlays including the golden spiral.  So download and practice on your iPhones AND your Android phones!!.

In Lightroom, to see the overlay, go to your crop tool, and hit “O” to cycle through the overlays.

In Photoshop CS6+ included the overlays as a part of their native overlays also.

If you have an older version of Photoshop, you can go to for  a free overlay.

Now if I haven’t overwhelmed you…GO FORTH AND PRACTICE!!


Our Project 52: Link up with and

Now, how was your love day?! Link up your love photos below! And don’t forget to head over to Mimi to check out how heart/love photos.

Next Week’s Theme is : From Where I stand!


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