5 Great Alternatives to the Selfie Stick at Disney

What? No Selfie Sticks at Disney?

Selfie sticks have always been banned on rides, but Friday, Disney released at Statement that selfies sticks would be banned from all of their parks to safety concerns. Tell me I’m not the only one who saw this coming? Well, in case you hadn’t, and were going to be depending on your selfie stick for your family photos at Disney, I’ve done the work for you. I’ve got

5 great alternatives to the selfie stick at Disney.


5 great alternatives to the selfie stick


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Saturdays( a Photography Project) Week 16


Our alarm went off at the crack of dawn and woke us all up.

And Pookah wanted Pancakes at the crack of dawn of course…

By the time I felt awake enough to have coffee and toast, they wanted to get out and enjoy the day.

I had a ton of stuff to do for the Blog and worked on my BlogHer Presentation on and off when I got a chance.

Still, there is never enough time on Saturdays. I always feel like the day flies by……


Saturdays a iPhoneography Project Week 16

Saturdays a iPhoneography Project week 16

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What is Currently going on in your life?


Watching: Sigh. I’m supposed to be watching Orange is the New Black. But I’ve been watching the back of my eyelids instead. There is so much good television to be found on Netflix!!!! I’m behind on all my shows. I haven’t even finished House of Cards yet. And I’m behind on Call the Midwife too…….

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our project 52 fathers

Our Project 52 Week 25: Fathers

I know we all celebrated Father’s Day last weekend, so you all should have plenty of photos of fathers being father’s.   Taken with Canon 6D and Canon 35 2.0 Settings: Aperture:f/3.2 Shutter speed: 1/1000 ISO:640   I don’t talk much about Cdub in general, but I have to talk about the father he is…

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saturdays week 15

Saturdays ( A Photography Project) Week 15

This week’s edition of Saturdays is low on photos because….we didn’t do anything. I swear. CDub decided he  wanted to go to breakfast on Saturday for Father’s Day instead of Sunday. He deemed it cheat day from our “diet”. We headed over to Egg Harbor Cafe( one of my favorite Gluten Free Spots from this…

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3 food photography tips for instagram

Our Project 52 Week 24: Food Photography for Instagram

  So I haven’t had meat for 10 days. Let that marinate……. CDub had this grand idea that going vegetarian for the month of June was the way to a healthier life and a possible lifestyle change. I’ll share more details at the end of the month( they say it takes 21 days to form…

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saturdays in iphoneography week 14

Saturdays ( a Photography Project) Week 14

Sooo, Saturday. I had ALL THE PLANS. BUT, I did manage to: tackle the Farmer’s Market, brave Bed bath and Beyond for new pillows for our bedroom, start on the endless pile of laundry that always seems to be here and finally, make a trip to the park, waaay past the bedtime of the tiny human….

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday . Hosted by Allthingsfadra.com

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: So I’m 39

I haven’t done one of these in a while,but I was feeling all the feels and 5 minutes was just right to get it out.     I know I turned 39 a few months ago, but I totally forgot to write that birthday post that everyone writes. Or rather, I went forth on all…

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10 photography books to improve your photography

10 Photography books to Improve your Photography

10 Photography Books to Improve your Photography   It’s summer time and hopefully you will be somewhere lying around on a beach enjoying a good book while you bake in the sun. So why not learn as you enjoy your vacation? Today I’m going to share with your my 10 favorite photography books to improve…

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Our project 52 weeks 23 sunrise

Our Project 52 Week 23: Sunrise

Taken With Canon 6D and Canon 100mm 2.8 lens Settings: f/8 1/4000 ISO 3200 I’ve been getting up super early most mornings during the week to exercise. Super early means the crack of dawn, before ANYONE in my house is even thinking about waking up.  To say it’s hard is an understatement. But I’ve found…

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