Saturdays( An iPhoneography Project) Week 25

So, Pookah fell out of his bed around 545 A.m on Saturday Morning.  Yes he’s 5, but he is a WILD sleeper who dreams. Saturday morning it was something about a monster and batman….

Consequently, I was on my 3rd cup by 7 am.

I was offically on the struggle bus.

On top of all of that, my sister in law was on her way that afternoon to spend time with Pookah while Cdub and I had our annual date called…Anniversary. LOL

So I frantically cleaned, making Pookah help. Because we couldn’t have Ti Ti thinking we lived in a pigsty.

Anyhoo, we went to see Straight Out of Compton AND got to eat at Houstons. I never have beef anymore but BABY! That steak was ON POINT!

Afterwards, we came back and got Pookah  because, of course, one month into the school year, he had outgrown a pair of shoes. SMH

This was Saturday….
Saturdays in iPhoneography Week 25


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Here is what I am Currently up to for the Month of August 2015

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I saw Straight Out of Compton this weekend. YES YES YES. It was excellent! Now, it glossed over quite a few things( Dee Barnes anyone?) But overall, it was an excellent movie with great believable acting. I mean, O’Shea Jackson Jr had me spooked a few times! He looks and acts so much like his Daddy! Child when he was rapping No Vasoline, I felt like I was in the studio with the Real Cube!

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banana nut bread overnight oats-2

Banana Nut Bread Overnight Oats

Banana Nut Bread Overnight Oats I’ve been on this kick to eat healthier. It’s hard!!( So many donuts, so much bacon…) But I’ve been gradually changing the way I eat one meal at a time. I don’t always make healthy choices, but I’m getting better.  I’ve always been a breakfast eater, but not a HEALTHY…

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Week 24 of My Saturdays Iphoneography project was just like any other Saturday: coffee, errands, pizza, and fun

Saturdays( a iPhoneography Project) Week 24

Ahh Saturday, I love you and miss you when you’re gone. I love documenting our Saturdays and can’t wait to print all of these photos out! And speaking of documenting, head on over to the Document Your Days Project handle Monday through Wednesday this week where I am taking over their Instagram account! Tag your…

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I had a hard time with this week's project 52 theme of patterns! How did you do?

Our Project 52 Week 33: Patterns

  So um….I struggled with this theme this week!! I couldn’t find a pattern I liked or wanted to share or one I wanted to photograph. Yesterday, I had the day off, so I picked Pookah up from school and we were just playing around…I was the tickle monster…. And I noticed the pattern of…

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t's Week 23 of my Saturdays iphoneography project and it was a ME day!

Saturdays ( A Photography Project) Week 23

So Saturday Morning, Pookah woke me up at the crack of dawn asking for pancakes and sausage. I cleaned a little bit while he ate and then it dawned on me: I had had no time for myself ALL week. I mean ALL WEEK. Cdub got back into town Friday night. But for 6 days…

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Are you tired of carrying around your BIG camera when you go on vacation in order to get beautiful vacation photos? Check out my tips for amazing iPhone vacation photos

Secrets to Amazing iPhone Vacation Photos

  When we went on vacation a few weekends ago to Jekyll Island, I found myself using my iPhone almost exclusively. It was so easy, so portable so simple. And the photos I produced with my iPhone were just as good as, if not better than the photos I took with my Canon 6D.  It…

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leading lines in photography

Our Project 52 Week 32: Using Leading Lines

I was flipping through my photo books from last summer and came across this photo……       I miss San Francisco!!! The weather was perfect, it was beautiful everywhere and if it wasn’t for the strong possibility of earthquakes( I just don’t like the idea of the earth moving randomly…) I think we would…

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Saturdays, an iPhoneography Project Week 22

Saturdays( An iPhoneography Project) Week 22

Saturday….was spent running around like a chicken with my head off. Not only was school starting Monday, but Cdub was going out of town for a week starting Sunday. PLUS, the kitchen remodel looks like it’s on and popping, so we had to pick appliances. I haven’t picked everything at once since my first house…

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