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10 Books Like The Fourth Wing if you Love Romantasy

If you are obsessed with The Fourth Wing and don’t know what to read next, check out this list of 10 Books like the Fourth Wing if you love Romantasy!

books like the fourth wing

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The Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros was one of the biggest break out books of 2023. I heard about it through word of mouth on TikTok and Bookstagram and was able to snag a copy at my local library pretty quickly and I LOVED it!

So What is the Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros About?

When I’ve been asked to describe The Fourth Wing I always say: Think Divergent, with dragons and Sex!

Violet Sorrengail is forced to attend a brutal dragon rider academy instead of following her dram to become a scribe. At Basgiath War College, Violet faces dangerous challenges, cutthroat competition, and the possibility of death from the very dragons she hopes to bond with.

She must fight to survive using her intelligence and resilience, all while navigating a complicated( and HOT) relationship with a fellow rider.

Literally, it’s the perfect quick escape.

If You Loved The Fourth Wing Then Keep Reading…

But if you are like me and had a book hangover after reading The Fourth Wing and are looking for something to continue the vibe, I’ve made a list of 10 Books like the Fourth Wing if you love a good romantasy ( fantasy with romance thrown in for a little joy).

Keep Reading to find something new for your TBR.

Books Like The Fourth Wing

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