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20 Things About Me

Today over on Instagram, I’m celebrating reaching 20K followers.

20 k on instagram


I am SO thankful and Grateful for everyone who follows me, likes a photo and comments.  In celebration, ( and because it’s NaBloPoMo) I’m sharing 20 things about me!


  1. I had my first sip of coffee when I was 8 when my Daddy let me taste his. I’ve been obsessed every since.
  2. I love music. My playlist has everything from the Beatles to John Coltrane to Outkast to Elton John to Jodeci to Luke to Marvin Sapp. Yes, I luv God and Trap Music.
  3. I always wanted to live in Atlanta. Now I want to move back to DC.
  4. I’ve been friends with the same squad since high school. That’s over 20 years.
  5. Yes I’m 40.
  6. My husband is my complete opposite. But he gets my jokes. SO he’s a keeper.
  7. I love Star Wars. And I’ve brainwashed my child so he does too.
  8. I love Christmas WITH EVERYTHING IN ME! It’s my favorite time of year.  But I object to decorations and music before the week of Thanksgiving.
  9. I love New Orleans and spend a lot of time plotting travel there.
  10. I love books. In my hand. Which is why there is a bookcase in every room in my house. Kitchen too
  11. I hate to cook, but i’m damn good at it.
  12. I am very even tempered, but listen: DONT TEST ME. I will take off my earrings and get out the Vaseline so quick it will make your head spin.
  13. I miss my locs but I refuse to go through the growing process again.
  14. I am a nerd. Seriously I graduated # 8 in my class.
  15. Bacon is bae.
  16. Ive been obsessed with New Edition since I was 8. That’s a long damn time.
  17. I love potty humor. Which is why God gave me a boy.
  18. I still think Prince is the GOAT. And I’m still crying all the purple tears.
  19. My favorite meal is chicken wings with Mumbo sauce on the side with fries. #DCFORLIFE
  20. I could happily never watch another football game in life. But my boy child is obsessed so…


And that’s it! Come on over to Instagram and join my pretty party over there! And if you follow me, THANK YOU!!!