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Letters to Our Children: November

Letters to my children-november edition


Dear Pookah,

Next Saturday, you will be 7.


I don’t know what to do with that.

Since you are my only baby, each year, I celebrate the getting older part ( read independence) but mourn the loss of the baby in you.

But I love how now, you are

  • Into football
  • Obsessed with your haircut
  • as in love with reading as I am
  • Are starting to act “funny” around girls..sometimes..
  • More articulate in expressing your opinion. ( which sometimes gets you into trouble)
  • willing to try new foods ( FINALLY)
  • eating me out of house and home
  • learning that not all friends are good friends
  • still ok with a hug from me in front of your friends
  • confident
  • independent
  • unsure
  • thoughtful
  • Opinionated


I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.




This post is part of a series I do every month called Letters to Our Children.

If you want, you can write your own letter and link up here….

Joyce Brewer

Saturday 19th of November 2016

Watching Pookah's journey on your blog and social media gives me a six month look ahead to where our son will be. They're not babies anymore and that's the hardest part. When A.J. crawls into my lap his long, bony legs barely fit. I think about when I could hold him with one hand or under my arm. The last 7 years happened in the blink of an eye.