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A Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

It’s no Secret that I am a coffee lover. I love coffee. I dream coffee. I’m always up for a new cup of coffee. And so, I think, are a whole lot of people. So today, I’m sharing with you a gift guide for coffee lovers. Specifically, the coffee lover in your life.


Coffee junkies unite! Not sure of what to get the coffee lover in your life? Check out this gift guide for coffee lovers in your life. You will find something they would love for Christmas on this list!


  1. The Keurig 575 Coffee Maker
The keurig 575 is a great gift for the coffee lover in your life.

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I have the original Keurig. Basically, the one size fits all model. The Keurig® K575 Coffee Maker is the ultimate Keurig® brewer. There is strength and temperature control , hot water on demand,  AND you can brew a Carafe of coffee for when you have guests. I want it. The coffee lover in your life will too.


2. A Chemex

Chemex coffee maker is one of the best options for pour over coffee

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For those pure at heart coffee lovers, the Chemex is one of the best options out there for brewing clear, pure, flavorful coffee without bitterness or sediment. And they are pretty.

3. Coffee Subscriptions

Bean box is a great subscription service for coffee lovers.

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For the coffee lover that loves trying out new freshly roasted coffees every week.  Try a service like Bean Box or Moustache Coffee Club

4.Coffee Mugs 

Every coffee lover has their favorite mug. I am LOVING  these from Chip and Joe’s Home And Hearth Collection at Target 

5. Coffee themed decorations.

Check out the cute ideas over at for the coffee lover in your life.

A Tuesday without caffeine might as well be a Monday. ?: @stephdeephoto

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And there you have it, this seasons gift guide for coffee lovers

Happy Shopping!


Sunday 11th of November 2018

I know quite a few coffee lovers (even though I'm not one of them) so these are great gift ideas for them. Will have to keep these in mind next time I go gift shopping.