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Top 5 Apps For Instagram Photos

It’s no secret that I love Instagram. In fact, I’ll go so far to say it is my favorite form of social media.

I get questions all of the time about how to improve Instagram photos.

After I give the advice to KNOW YOUR CAMERA( iPhone or Andriod), my next advice is always the same: it’s the apps man.

So to help EVERYONE get the photos they want on Instagram, today I’m sharing my 5 best Apps for Instagram!



1.  VSCO

If you want that trendy look for your photos or even a clean edit, VSCO is for you.  I love VSCO. Mainly because it’s easy, all filters can be adjusted, and becauseI use VSCO on my photos from my Canon 6D when editing in Lightroom.  So all of my photos look consistent. Plus there is a cool community if you follow the #vsco hashtag on Instagram. It can take a photo from blah to yay with one filter. Awesomeness.
2. Touch Retouch.

I talked about this marvelous discovery of mine before in this post.  This app will help you achieve that flawless look for your mobile photography photos. It helps you to erase those pesky annoying things that you discover AFTER you take your photo: Like this random petal…
Touch retouch

It’s glorious. I tell everyone I can about this one.

3. Rhonna Designs App

This is a new discovery of mine, and I’m still playing around with it. This app allows you to add designs , overlays, and text for those inspirational  messages you might want to post to Instagram. It’s beautiful, and a great addition to my little library.


4. Diptic

Ahhh collages, don’t we all love a good collage?? Diptic lets you add all of your photos in beautiful collages for Instagram sharing. I like this one because I also have it on my iMac.

All of the collages in this post used Diptic. 🙂

5. Squareready

Unfortunately, this one is iPhone only. BUT i know there are comparable apps for Android! And there some apps even include this feature WITHIN the app! It helps you to upload your photos into Instagram while not cutting them off at awkward places since Instagram’s ratio is a square.  I love this. I use it for almost every last single upload to Instagram. Yes, it’s an extra step, but I can’t stand to be constrained by the square! LOL

End product

So, those are my top 5 Top Apps for Instgram!  Do you have any that you think I left out?? Share!!



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Friday 14th of November 2014

These are awesome!! I will definitely have to look into these...thanks for sharing!

Shirley Wood

Friday 14th of November 2014

Good information to have! Thanks for sharing with us. I need to check out VSCO.

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