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End Game

knowing your end game

Do you know your end game?

Why do you blog?

Why do you go to work everyday?

Why do you do whatever it is that you do?

I attended Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend and I will say that was the best $99 I’ve spent in a long time.

That being said, one of the questions was:

What is your end game?

Where do you want to end up?

I’m talking personally AND professionally.

Because once you know what your end game is, you can plan how to get there.

Stop wasting time and effort on the things that aren’t going to get you there.

Deep thoughts today guys.

Deep thoughts.



Wednesday 15th of October 2014

Dang it, I hate that I had to miss this conference. To be honest about the end results of blogging for me, I'm unsure. I was thinking about being on tv and presenting new products out on the market (like QVC). Or maybe having my own skincare line. Right now, I'm just enjoying the ride.


Sunday 19th of October 2014

I can see you on QVC! LOL Hmmmmmm

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama

Tuesday 14th of October 2014

yes I felt the same exact way when I attended bbc philly. life changing stuff to ponder!My end game is to create a community where women feel like they can get healthy at any size or shape. A talk show would be amazeballs too.

I work because it challenges me on new levels and I get to push my dream (see above) while making a nice living for myself and my family...

K. Elizabeth (YUMMommy)

Monday 13th of October 2014

Definitely something to think about. Glad you enjoyed the conference and got your money's worth.


Monday 13th of October 2014

Finally an event that is worth some money. The end game for me is to get a magazine out there for regular people to feel they have a voice.