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5 Simple Tips for Better Selfies

Let’s face it: Selfies are here to stay.

And if I’m honest, nothing makes me feel better than a good Selfie in my Instagram feed every now and then.

And if you want to stand out, you’ve got to give good selfie. (LOL)


5 tips for better selfies


Today I’ve got 5 Simple Tips for Great Selfies.



Listen. I know this may seem obvious, but no.  Some of us are still attempting to use the camera on the back of our phones for selfie purposes.  FRIENDS NO! Using the front facing camera helps you to SEE your selfie in action! You can look at composition, see that random crumb on your lip, check your lighting and most importantly, see that you are in FOCUS!

2.  Speaking of Lighting: LIGHT IS EVERYTHING

There is nothing worse than a dark selfie or a selfie where you are yellow due to overhead lights. Natural light of course is best.  And if you can get near a window, even better. BUT if you do need to take a selfie with no natural light in sight, try to position yourself so that you are not directly under the overhead lights. It will prevent those harsh shadows.


It’s a selfie right? Nothing worse than being photo bombed by a nasty bathroom counter while you are taking your morning mirror selfie. So your best to eliminate/minimize the clutter in your background.


An occasional, “Hey it’s me smiling” selfie is normal, rational and ok.  But after a while that gets boring. Why are you happy? Is is that cup of coffee in your hand? Is it the event behind you? Is it your toes in the sand?  And remember, not all selfies have your face! Try showing your feet, in a kind of “where I am now” type selfie. Or show what you are doing. Cut off your face, show only half of it. If you look on my feed, everyone knows I like coffee. Why? Because at least once a week, there is a selfie( without my face or only half of it)and  a cup of coffee in a cozy setting.  It’s my signature. Find a theme of your own and OWN IT!


I know I know. We are talking about a subject that’ s so narcissistic and here I am talking about moderation.  But this needs to be said: DO NOT POST A SELFIE EVERYDAY!! ( Notice I said don’t POST! I have no problem with you taking one everyday….) But Save your BEST for posting!


Well, there you have it. My Simple Tips for Great Selfies

Go ahead, try them out. Your Selfies’ will be fabulous! I guarantee it. 🙂

I hope you are enjoying this series on mobile photography this month. Last week, we talked about 5 Apps for Flawless Instagram Photos. Don’t forget to check that out.

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Jamie G @ SnapGinger

Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

These are some great tips.. I need to really use #4 for my next one ;)

Kerry Rego

Tuesday 21st of October 2014

We met at BlogHer this summer and I was checking out your photography today. This is is excellent advice, thank you!

Chasing Joy

Monday 20th of October 2014

These are really great tips. I like the idea of having a theme.