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5 Travel Tips for Moms With a Camera

Traveling with your kids can be a nightmare.

But not if you are prepared.

Of course, THERE WILL BE ISSUES. But with careful planning, everything can almost go smoothly. As the chief memory keepers of our families, it often falls to us to take all the photos for our family vacations. While plotting on a vacation trip of my own,  I starting thinking of a few travel trips for Moms With A Camera.


So I’ve got 5 travel tips for you this summer as your travel with your kids:
  1. Pack Light.  Yes, when going on a trip of a lifetime( Disney) or just a long weekend to the beach, the inclination is to take every piece of equipment you own.  Don’t.Do.It. Pick one camera. Pick just two lens( one versatile zoom lens and one prime lens for low light) and keep it moving. Especially in the summertime when carrying a lot of equipment can get hot and heavy. Do yourself a favor: pack light and only take what you need.
  2. Get a comfortable camera bag.  There is nothing worse than carrying around a big heavy camera bag when you are walking around all day.  Find something small( which you can do because you followed tip number one). You want this bag to double as your purse/diaper bag. Consolidate!!
  3. TEST this bag WITH your camera, your wallet, snacks, bottle water etc in it BEFORE the trip. Don’t Assume!
  4. Research: research where you are going and then, make a shot list. Make a list, either in your head or on paper, of the shots you MUST HAVE. That way, when you arrive somewhere, you can get your shots and then enjoy the rest of the outing rather than bugging your family all day to pose here pose there. Which leads me to tip #5…
  5. Put your camera away. Yes, I know this post is about a mom with a camera. On vacation. We are supposed to have our cameras out! BUT! You are on vacation. While it’s temping to have your camera out at all times, shooting each and every moment of the joy on your kids faces, take the time to enjoy it. In FRONT of the lens. Don’t get caught up in capturing the moments. Take the time to be in them. Enjoy yourself!


Well, that’ s my advice!. How about you? Any photography travel tips for moms with a camera? Share!!!

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