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The Best Cameras for Moms: A Guide

The best cameras for moms: is there really such a thing? Use this guide to help you figure out what they best camera is for YOU.

best cameras for moms

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I remember when Pookah was born and I had my point and shoot camera and a really really bad phone camera ( think about the technology that long ago) .

moms taking photos

I really wanted to make photos like the ones I saw online! and I wanted my photos to stand out and I wanted to capture my Pookah bear the best way I could.

Over the years, I have upgraded my camera many times from that first Kodak Point and shoot.

I now shoot with a Canon 6D Mark II and my iPhone!

But what if you jare just starting in ? What if you want to shoot with more than your phone or just want to upgrade your camera?

Things to consider when deciding on a camera.

What kind of photos are you going to take?

Are you looking to take casual photos that you can share on social media? Scrapbooking? Do you want to take photos when your family travels? Sharing to a blog? Make a photo book? All of these help determine which kind of camera you need.

What level photographer are you?

If you are a newbie at taking photos anywhere but your phone or a point and shoot, going for a High end DSLR might not be the first option you want to consider. Unless you are PLANNING on learning more.

Do you want to take video too with the same camera?

Not all cameras are created equal when it comes to video. If you want to use your camera to record video of your family, look specifically for a camera that records GOOD video.

How much do you want to invest?

Cameras are not cheap! You can spend anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand! So budget is always a consideration when you are picking out your first camera.

So now that we know what we want to do with our camera, check out this list of the best cameras for moms.

how to find the best cameras for moms

Best Cameras For Moms

Best Point and Shoot Cameras for Moms


Point and shoots are small and budget friendly. The price range is usually $50-$500


You will not have a lot of control over your photos and no interchangeable lens.

Tip: Check out the specs on your camera phone before you buy a point and shoot. Sometimes, the camera on your phone is better

    Mirrorless Cameras for Moms

    Mirrorless cameras are great for travel due to their small size.

    • Pros
    • Mirrorless Cameras are often compact, offer more control over your images than point & shoots and phones and often have the option of interchangeable lenses. Also, some can also shoot video. And photo quality is often excellent.
    • Cons
    • The price can be as expensive as a DSLR. Even if you can shoot in manual on most of these cameras, it is often impractical.

    Best DSLRs for Moms

    DSLR's are ideal cameras for moms and family photography

    • Pros
    • DSLR's shoot fast, have interchangeable lens and give the user control over shooting your photos.
    • Cons
    • They are usually more expensive than point and shoot and mirrorless cameras. And they tend to be heavy by the time you add new lens.

    So what is the best camera for moms?

    The one that you are going to use! Frankly, you can have the best camea, but if you never learn all the features or if it feels too bulky or heavy to carry around with you to capture your memories, then it’s not the best camera for you.


    Thursday 24th of September 2020

    I am a Canon girl too! Great post. I have a Canon EOS 6D, but would love to upgrade to one of the Canon EOS R6 maybe one day. Great info!