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5 Ways to Use The Questions Box On Instagram Stories

I think that the Questions Box on Instagram Stories is one of the most underutilized tools on Instagram Stories. It’s one of the best ways to build engagement and stay at the front of the line in your follower’s Instagram Stories feed.

The Questions Box is one of the best ways to help the algorithm along. Because while views on your stories are nice, what you REALLY want, is engagement. You want people to actually swipe up on your links, be in your DMs, answer your polls and answer your questions. 

So today, I want to talk about 

5 Ways to Use The Questions Box in Instagram Stories

1. Ask for content feedback and idea:

  • what should I blog about next?
  • What product would you like to see?
  • What recipe do you want next?

You can build your next year of content from these responses alone!

2. Ask for recommendations

 Using a new product? Books? Tripods?

3. Do an Q&A on a topic that is on-brand.

For example, I could do one on Instagram, or my morning or evening routine, or how I choose books or how I travel with a gluten-free kid. Note, if you see a lot of interest in a particular topic, it might be time to expand the Q&A into a post on your website.

4. Create Multi Optional Polls

I love Polls on Instagram, but my frustration with them has always been that you only get two answers. The Questions box gives you a way to ask a multi optional poll.

5. Ask me Anything.

This is what most people started off with. I love that it gives you a way to see what your followers really want to know about you. Take those responses, share them, or repurpose them for content ideas both on Instagram and your blog!

Questions in Stories is one of the biggest Call to Actions out there. It’s bound to get engagement. And remember, in the Instagram world, engagement makes the algorithm go round. So anything that creates engagement and community is a good thing!

There are over 500 Million People on Instagram Stories every day, and we can’t afford to NOT use it. 

I hear a lot of you saying you have no idea what to post, you don’t have time to post or that you are just not getting any traction over there. 

I spent a lot of time last year speaking about Instagram Stories around the country. And I always got the same questions:

How do I figure out what to post?

How do I get more engagement on my stories?

And how do I post to Instagram Stories and still have a life?

I have heard you and that’s why I’m so happy to finally announce that today, my new course Your Everyday Stories, opens for enrollment. 

Here is what you will learn:

Part I: The Basics

I. Intro to Instagram Stories

II. Defining a Story

III. Finding Your Story Style

IV. 3 Types of Content to Post Every Single Day

V.How to Increase Engagement on Your Stories

Part II: Create

VI. Figure out Who, What and Why

VII. What are Content Buckets and how to figure out Yours

VIII. How to Plan Your Stories

IX: And Make Them Pretty.

X: Put it All Together

I can’t wait to share this course with everyone and see everyone’s story content explode and your communities grow because of it.

I hope to see you there!