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My August Reading List

Looking for something to read this month? Check out my August Reading List!

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I can’t believe that its August.

Let me repeat: August.

School starts back VIRTUALLY here in two weeks, my mother is coming to spend two weeks with us FINALLY, and I have a whole two rooms to swap and redecorate.

I didn’t finish all of the books on my list last month. In fact, one I just had to put down and I read about three additional books that weren’t on my list instead.

But this month, might be a little hard.

I don’t know where I think I’m going to have time to read these books.

But they have been ordered.

They are on their way and I’m going to try. LOL.

The books on the list this month are a little more serious than usual. 3 of the 6 are non fiction.

But of course, I had to throw in a romance novel. For my sanity. LOL.

So here we have my August Reading list. Let us pray I get through it.

August Reads

What are you reading this month?

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