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15 Of My Favorite Things This Holiday Season

So listen. NEXT Friday is Black Friday and the official start of the shopping season.  It’s time to buy ALL the things. Now this is not necessarily a gift guide. More of a list of things that I use and love and want to share this holiday season. I want to be like Mama Oprah basically. LOL. Now you an use this list to shop for your favorite busy mom or friend, or you can even send the link to this site to a child or significant other….

So enjoy this list of 15 of my favorite things..and plan my friends….Happy shopping.

*this post contains affiliate links*

15 of My Favorite Things This Holiday Season

15 of my favorite things to add to your list this holiday season #christmas #holidays #giftguide #holidayshopping


Listen. A few years ago, I was confused. Why was everyone wearing these slouchy soft boots? Like why? Then, on a whim one day I tried a pair on. And fell in love. They are like your favorite pair of house shoes that you can wear out of the house. Get you a pair.


2. Fuji X-T20

I love my Canon 6D. It’s my baby. BUT it’s heavy. It’s a pain in the BUTT to travel with. Because it’s heavy. I’ve been relying on my iPhone a lot more lately because I just don’t want to carry my 6D on the airplane and then lugg it around as I walk everywhere.  Enter the Fuji X-T20. I’ve been eyeballing a mirrorless camera for almost 2 years. I finally made up my mind a couple of weeks ago and entered the land of mirrorless. Now I’m still learning. It’s different. But it’s SO LIGHT. It fits easily into my purse. The photo quality is so good. This is about to be my go to travel camera.

3. Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook Dotted

I don’t bullet journal…per say. I do a hybrid like thing where I carry around a notebook to journal in, write  ideas, lists, take notes and doddle. I don’t do the traditional bullet journaling where I make layouts and spreads. I don’t have the patience and I have a Planner for that. But I like having a Leuchtturm with me. It really does help me keep all my stuff in one place. Instead of having tons of post its and scraps of paper everywhere.

4. bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30 in Sienna


I don’t like wearing makeup. But as I get…more mature, I’ve found that sometimes, this cream just gives my skin a little boost. It still doesn’t look like I have anything on, but I can layer it to build coverage. And since I have sensitive skin, I love how it never breaks me out.
5. Prints from Artifact Uprising

Your Photos, In Print

I love printing out my photos. Artifact Uprisings Everyday Print Sets are perfect for  printing out my memories and putting them on the wall. I’ve been slowly ordering photos and planning a photo wall. You can print them out as small as 3.25x 3.25 and as large as 7×5.

6.Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips


So listen, I have tried a LOT of lip balms. Some expensive. Some cheap. But NOTHING works as well as Vaseline. And this Vaseline has the advantage of having a soft pink tint. And it keeps my lips moist without breaking the bank.

7. AnyList App

Photo via

I have been searching for YEARS for a good basic list app. Most of these apps out there have multiple layers and too many extras when all I want is to be able to add basic lists on my phone. This app was originally meant for groceries shopping, but as you can see from above, you can make any kind of list you want.  I have it divided up: Target list, Walmart List, Barnes and Noble List, Travel list, etc etc etc. It’s magic.


8.Lush “Ro’s Argan” Body Conditioner

I LOVE THIS STUFF. It’s so decadent after a bath or shower. It smells good and makes your skin feel like silk. It’s expensive. But it’s a treat and one of those things that you should definitely treat yo self with.


9.You Are a Badass Making Money By Jen Sincero

This is one of those books I refer back to or make myself reread. Because this helped me change my mindset about money. READ IT. #thatisall

10. Jackery Portable Charger

Quiana from Harlem Lovebirds told me about this charger years ago at a blog conference and I’ve had one ever since. It’s perfect for travel and can charge my phone SEVERAL times before it needs to be recharged itself.  It can also charge multiple devices at once. I never leave home without it.

11.  The Purposeful Planner

I think I have used every big planner system out there. The way my life is set up , I need organization. BAD. I first came across this planner last year and fell in love with the layout. It’s exactly what I need to organize my life. Get one.

12. Old Navy Curvy Mid Rise Skinny Jeans



Listen. I’m curvy. I have thighs. So me and skinny jeans have never been friends. But I like the way they look! I want a nice pair to wear with my Uggs. LOL. I was in Old Navy last week and came across the Curvy Skinny Jeans. Can I get a YASSSSS. My legs don’t look like sausages or like I can’t breathe. If you are curvy like me, get you a pair! Or two!

13. Amazon Echo

Once I figured out that I could sync my google calendar to it and get Alexa to tell me what’s on my calendar everyday I was sold. Yes, it does lots of other amazing things like play music, tell me the weather, tell me the traffic, turn on my tv, order an uber…..yes my obsessively organized soul loves it.

14. Kelly Moore Kate Messenger Bag

I’m always looking for the perfect everyday bag that will not only hold my camera, but my laptop and other items too. AND I want to be able to take it with me when I travel. This bag fits the bill. it’s cute. it’s durable and just the right size.

15. Insta Cart

I have spent the last few months, trying to reclaim my time. One of the main ways I’ve found to do this is to eliminate actually having to grocery shop. I do it online. And grocery delivery is BAE. Insta Cart is the best invention since sliced bread. You order your groceries online, a personal shopper shops for you at the grocery store of your choice( for me Publix)and then they delivery it to you. *praise dance*. If you want to try it out, use my referral code :LWILTZ10D


So that’s it! 15 of my favorite things this holiday season. Share this list with your boo, your sister, your mom, your friend! Happy Holidays!










Monday 25th of December 2017

I have just bough Amazon Echo on this christmas. I am love in it.


Wednesday 15th of November 2017

Such a great list. I love most of these, some I/we own or have used. Lush, oh lush, two daughters and myself and the money flies out the window. :)


Wednesday 15th of November 2017

I need that charger! I am so bad at charging my phone and even worse at charging those external ones but if I can get 2 charges out of it, it’s worth it.