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When life throws you a curve ball….


SO I feel like I’m failing at this Nablopomo life.

I started off good with great content ideas and posts.

But life and work and life and work and sick child got in my way.

I had/have all the plans.

But when your child gets sick in the beginning of the week, and you have family come to town and you yourself aren’t feeling so hot and you have deadlines out the wazoo….


I’ll try again tomorrow.



Wednesday 15th of November 2017

I had all intentions on trying this too, but exactly, life got in the way. Be kind to yourself.


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Girl you know I totally feel you on this. Tomorrow is another day my friend.

Kim @ The ReInVintaged Life

Tuesday 14th of November 2017

I always start out with the best of intentions. But if your like me, your downtime is too little to keep up once major commitments and distractions enter the picture. At least you got something posted! Hope your kid feels better soon. It messes us up, too, when they don't feel good.


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

Feel better Pookah. Sick babies are the worse. Just when we think we are winning, sick babies derail everything.


Tuesday 14th of November 2017

So much the same. I had every intention of posting everyday. Even just a quick snapshot with a few lines. Not happening. Never has. Never will...