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A Two Hour Drive to Peace: Our visit to Getaway House Atlanta

Earlier this month, C Dub and I Drove Two hours to a Getaway House Atlanta. It was magical. It was just the thing we needed as a couple to get away and just BE. When I shared our trip to Getaway House Atlanta on Instagram, I got so many questions, I decided to go ahead and write a post.

But wait, what is a Getaway house?

getaway house atlanta

A Two Hour Drive to Peace: Our visit to Getaway House Atlanta

I had the privilege of being hosted by Getaway House.  All opinions are my own.

On the Getaway website, the description reads:

“A day off for the always on. We offer simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature.”

Doesn’t that sound divine?

We are so busy! I mean, kids, carpool, after-school activities, work, and deadlines hitting us from every angle! It’s hard to take the time to connect with so much noise in our lives AND social media bombarding us from every angle.
I noticed that Cdub and I seemed…disconnected, and decided we needed a getaway. Enter Getaway House!!

A trip to Getaway House Atlanta

You’ve seen those photos on Instagram. Those Beautiful tiny houses with that wonderful big HUGE window right?

At first, I was skeptical. I mean, what would we DO for all the way up in the mountains with no TV, no internet and nothing to do but…

Well you know LOL!

It was the perfect escape! It was wonderful to only take out my phone to take photos and to say goodnight with Pookah. The combination of fresh air, cooking over a fire, smores, and just quiet time to TALK, was just what we needed.

the view from Getaway House Atlanta

And it was so BEAUTIFUL! Just look at this eyecandy overload!
The view from Getaway House Atlanta

the path to your Getaway House Atlanta

getaway house atlanta view in georgia

getaway house atlanta

beautiful getaway house atlanta

the kitchen in a getaway house atlanta

dishes included at Getaway House Atlanta

getaway house atlanta view

getaway house atlanta

Cdub relaxing in front of a fire at Getaway House Atlanta

Getaway House Atlanta

Couples retreat at Getaway House Atlanta

We only stayed overnight, but we have already decided to make this a biannual trip and to extend it to an entire weekend.

Side note, I will be taking a solo trip up here for a weekend too because..IT IS SO NEEDED! Getaway House offers escapes to the perfect tiny cabins outside of a few major cities( NY, DC Boston and NOW Atlanta) for those looking to disconnect and recharge in nature.

Don’t think too hard, friends, just go to the website and book it.

If this sounds like something you need, Book a Getaway! Use my code LASHAWN25 that will give you $25 off a booking.

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