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Animal Kingdom Hacks: Everything you need to conquer the park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is Huge, but it’s easy to take it on if you know how. Here are all the Animal Kingdom hacks you need to conquer the park in one day.

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Getting Into The Animal Kingdom Secret Entrance

There is a way into the Animal Kingdom that bypasses the main gate. Just enter the Rainforest Cafe on the left and turn right. Go through the gift shop to the outdoor bar. There is a small gate where you can enter the park and not deal with the lines in front of the main entrance.


animal kingdom hacks at the tree of life.

The Animal Kingdom park is full of breathtaking beauty. The imagineered environment seamlessly blends with the natural world and the secret habitats scattered throughout the park. You are meant to have an exploratory attitude, which is difficult when thrilling attractions await in each section of the park. Slow down and look all around you as you navigate your surroundings.

Another way to Explore the park is to become a Junior Wilderness Explorer, like Russel from UP! You can participate and earn badges at kiosks stationed around the park.

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The Hidden Story of Dinoland USA

Most people shrug off Dinoland as a disaster caused by budget cuts. It’s true the park faced budget problems, but that only makes Dinoland USA more special. The dual storyline of this section of the park is one of the most creative things to come out of Disney in about 30 years. Look deeper at this area to uncover its story.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Around the Walt Disney World parks, you’ll see chocolate chip cookies on some of the menus. If you pay close attention, some of the menus say “Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies”. Those are the places where you really want a cookie. Try one at Dino-Bite Snacks.

Flame Tree Barbecue

eat gluten free at walt disney Flame Tree Barbecue

There are so many carts and restaurants that they overshadow a good value right on Discovery Island. The Yak and Yeti counter service location is overcrowded and it’s so close to this little barbecue oasis. which has a good view and plenty of tables.

Don’t Use Fastpass+ For Shows

Disney’s Animal Kingdom park has two great shows. Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo. Don’t worry about the shows eating up all of your time. They’re short. But they are worth the detour. Just don’t use up a Fastpass on any of the shows. You are unlikely to need them since the theaters have a large capacity and there is no need for an alternative queue since the show starts at the same time for everybody.

Take the Train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch

There is a whole section of the park that is only accessible by train. Take the train to see the petting zoo and encounter some learning experiences for kids. There is even a class on animation that features the use of live animals as subjects.

Pandora Flora and Fauna

animal kingdom hacks for pandora

The land of Pandora contains fake and real plants. All of them appear alien. Throughout the World of Avatar, you’ll find plants that interact with you from a pod that mists you to a plant that makes insects chirp. Visit Pandora at night to watch everything glow.

Discovery Island is a Shortcut

You can get from one section of the park to another easily by going right through the middle. Discovery Island connects all the lands together.You can go the long way around, but if you want to jump from Expedition Everest to Flight of Passage, you can save time by cutting through the island.

Hopefully these Animal Kingdom hacks help you have so much fun when you visit!