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April Photo a Day Challenge 2019

SO! Starting next Monday, April 1st, join me on Instagram for a photo challenge to spark your creativity and just capture your version of spring.

Here is how to join up!

  • Simple: Just check the list every day and take a photo using the prompt as your inspiration.
  • Then, share your photo on Instagram using the hashtag #everydayphotoaday.
  • Go through the #Everydayphotoaday hashtag to like and comment and be a part of the community.
  • Every Friday in April, I will go through and share four photos from the hashtag that have captured my attention in my Instagram stories.
  • If you need an easy way to remember the prompts, CLICK here or the photo below to download it to your computer or your phone. OR just take a screenshot and save it!

I can’t wait to see what you guys share for the April Photo A Day Challenge!

Happy Shooting!


april photo a day challenge



Here are the explanations of the prompts

1. Get in the photo: a selfie

2. Makes me Happy : take a photo of something that makes you happy

3. What I’m Reading: : show us what you are reading.

4. Happiness Is: What makes you happy?

5. Outside: Show us what it looks like outside in your neck of the woods.

6. What’s for Breakfast?: Show us what you had for breakfast or even what you want for breakfast.

7. Sunday Afternoon: What does your Sunday afternoon look like?

8. Eyecandy: Take a photo of something that is beautiful to you.

9. Favorite Time of Day :Show us your favorite time of day

10.Coffee Vs Tea :Do you drink coffee or tea?

11.To Do List :What is on your to-do list today?

12. Guilty Pleasure: What is your guilty pleasure?

13. Remember… Show us a memory, an old photo, a photo of something old.

14. Today I… What did you do today?

15. A Quote You Love : What is your favorite quote?

16. Chasing Light: Show us the light where you are. Low light, backlight, hard light, window light, any kind of light.

17.Morning Things: What kinds of things happen to you in the morning? What does your morning look like?

18. Throwback: Throwback Thursday: Show us a photo from the past. 

19. Traditions: It’s the start of Passover and Easter week. What are some of your traditions?

20. All the colors: Spring is about color!

21. What you Wore: What did you wear today? Or yesterday?

22. Case of the Mondays: What is your Monday looking like?

23. Pink: Show us something pink. Or with a pink theme.

24. Faceless Portrait: A photo without a face.  Could be just hands, body, back…

25. The View From Here: What are you looking at?

26. Pretty Things: Show us something pretty!

27. I’m obsessed with: What are you obsessed with?

28. Treat Yo Self: Self care. Show us how you treat yourself

29. From Where I Stand: Where are you standing?

30. 6 o’clock: That could be AM or PM. What’s happening?


Friday 29th of March 2019

Excited to jump in and join you for photo a day in April! Spring is a happy time so this should be fun!!! :)