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As Seen In My Life: Christmas Edition

Soooo, Christmas was a loooooong day.

Pookah, bless his heart, slept all night.

Thank God, because I didn’t go to bed until midnight cooking macaroni and cheese.

AND, I got up at 6 am to put the ham in the oven.

Hmmmm Hammmm

Anyway, Pookah didn’t wake up until almost 8 am ( a Christmas Miracle!), I half fed him breakfast( he still wasn’t eating well) and then we( my mother and I) rushed to finish up everything else( me the greens, her the turkey). Sorry, no pictures. I forgot.

So we all got dressed and came down to open gifts.  The adults first.

My Daddy video taping...

We got the adults out of the way first…

CDub getting all of his gifts...


Look what my Mommy got me...

I’ll really have to do a whole post about this bag later on after I use it for a while….

Me, very excited about my Epiphanie Camera Bag

Pookah waiting his turn...


Pookah handing my Mama a gift

Finally, I took Pookah for a quick snack while everyone put out Pookah’s gifts.  And then….

My brother gave my baby a camera!

Puzzles and stuff...


Finally exhausted, time for a nap..


Finally, it was naptime for Pookah. We had a grand time eating. My sister-in-law showed up just in time with wine, fried turkey, and gifts for Pookah.  So when he woke up….

First look, what the.....



Pure Joy Watching Elmo perform

I stopped taking photos around this time. It was time to just enjoy the rest of the day. But this is just a slice of what I saw in my life on Christmas Day.  Hope you enjoyed.



Friday 30th of December 2011

You are really good in your photography! Girl my 22 month old beats up Elmo..I hope Pookah likes his!

Cam - Bibs & Baubles

Thursday 29th of December 2011

Looks like a great Christmas!!! Pookah is cracking me up jamming with Elmo!

Chasing Joy

Thursday 29th of December 2011

Your pictures are really great. So clear. That ham looks delish. Pookah is looking a lot like his dad. You look really excited over your bag. Sounds like a really nice day. Merry Chirstmas!!!


Wednesday 28th of December 2011

Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Nothing like being surrounded by the people you love and having some good eats!


Wednesday 28th of December 2011

Love the photo of your dad videotaping. Love it! Glad you guys had a great Christmas. I didn't get as many good photos as I would've liked. The lighting in here sucks :-(