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5 Easy Tips for Halloween Photos of Your Kids


Taking Halloween Photos of our kids is so much fun! Check out these best photography tips for getting great Halloween photos of your kids this year. #Halloween #photography

Halloween is SO MUCH FUN to photograph! All those cute costumes, the joy of the candy, trick or treating. But it can also be a difficult to photograph due to the time of day, the fast moving kids, the ever-changing light and just…how do you get it all? Since Halloween is right around the corner, I’ve rounded up some of the best tips for getting great Halloween photos of your kids on the web!


Best Tips for Halloween Photos of your Kids: 8 Tips to Photographing Halloween

  1. Do a search for Halloween photo tips and one of the first results is from Click it Up at Notch. Her 8 Tips for Photographing Halloween is one I keep coming back to. It’s so full of great tips!
  2. I always want to take that perfect photo of the spooky pumpkin lit from within. This tutorial by Simple as that Blog about How to take Spooky Pumpkin photos is wonderful!

Best Tips for how to take Halloween Photos of your kids: how-to-take-spooky-pumpkin-photos.

3.  I heart Faces has this great roundup of 5 Tips for Better Halloween Photos. I love the first tip the most.

Best Tips for Halloween Photos of your kids: halloween photography tips4. And I’m fascinated by this post on How to Create Ghostly Images   from Clickin Moms.

Best Tips for Halloween Photos of your Kids:

5. If I had a small child/baby…it would be ON and poppin with these Halloween and Pumpkin Photography Ideas from Kristen Duke.

Best Tips for halloween Photos of your kids: Halloween and Pumpkin Photography ideas


SO there you have it, my round up of some of the best tips for Halloween Photos on the web! I can’t wait to get photos in a few weeks!

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Chasing Joy

Saturday 10th of October 2015

Great round up. I love the picture of the baby dressed as a witch on a broom. Adorable.