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The Weekend (You Know, Blogalicious and Stuff)

This weekend…


It was awesome. It was more than awesome. It was inspiring, it was fun, it was like a family reunion with family members I never knew I had.

A few highlights:

  • The Scandal party. I had debated all week whether or not I wanted to watch scandal alone or with a whole room of people.  I’m glad I chose a room full of people
  • Meeting all of my blogger friends in real life and having a few bloggers who I consider big, recognize me. Too cool.
  • Trina’s lunchtime roundtable.  It was some knowledge dropped at that one. And I met a few new bloggers that I have just GOT to follow. Like now.
  • The 80s party on Friday night.  I haven’t danced like that in years.
  • The knowledge dropped in almost every session I went to.
  • Discovering that I know quite a bit more than I thought I did.  Now if I could only find time to put it all to use…..
  • Coming away beyond inspired to do more and be more with my blog!


Anyhoo, I will return later on in the week with a full post on Blogalicious:  what I liked, who I met,  and what I learned. I’ve got about 500 photos to go through. Pray for me!


Also, don’t forget that My Life’s Photo challenge is going on right now. We are in week 2!


october my lifes photos



Light is what makes a photograph.  Somewhere  I read the phrase: Find the light, then find the photograph.  Go out and actively look for the light. Try in the evening, when the sun is going low. Look at how warm the light is. Look at how it flatters.


I’m looking forward to seeing all of your pictures!! Have a great Monday everyone!!

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  • Reply
    October 7, 2013 at 10:09 am

    Yay for blogalicious I felt like I was there you all tweeted some great information. Use that evernote to stay organized I use it for the magazine and blog it helps a lot. You can jot down stuff and come back to it.

    • Reply
      October 7, 2013 at 10:14 am

      I really have to learn how to use Evernote! I need a tutorial!! But I was amazed at people who didn’t know about using Hootesuite and buffer to schedule posts!!!!

  • Reply
    October 7, 2013 at 11:21 am

    Sounds like fun, LaShawn. One day….I use Evernote to start post/articles I write and you can go back to them. It’s like a journal on your computer or tablet.

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