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Books I read in March 2024

books i read in march 2024

I started 17 books this month, but only finished 9.

I have a lot of books that I’m at 75% off and just cannot make myself finish them. Which is.. wild to me.

I had a hard time this month, and I was almost in a reading slump. I read such excellent books the first two months of the year, I felt like I was chasing that high all month and rarely found it.

After a excellent start with Before I Let Go, I ended it with a the conclusion of one of my favorite romance series.

My first two books were kind of heavy, so I stuck with lighthearted romance and books that I didn’t add in to this list. But these are what I feel like the books I can recommend or I’ve seen others ask about on the internet this past month.

Hope you find something to add to your TBR with this list.

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Book I read in March 2024