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Back to School Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

Thank you to Lemi Shine for partnering with Everyday Eyecandy on this post! All opinions are my own.

FINALLY, it’s time for the kids to go back to school! I don’t know about you, but my house never seems to be completely clean in the summertime. Between my son taking root in the Den, us going out of town frequently, friends over, barbecues… when was I supposed to have the time to deep clean? But now, school is back in and I finally am alone in my house, it is the perfect time to clean. But if you are like me, you are busy, or you work, or you just don’t want to! I’m here for you! Today I have a few back to school cleaning tips for busy moms like you. 



cleaning tips for busy moms


Before you do ANYTHING, just take a trash bag and go room to room decluttering. This might mean going through and throwing away old mail, magazine, toys that are broken, clothes that will not fit by next summer, old book, notebook, pens that no longer work. Get rid of it all. 

2.Use a multipurpose cleaner for all your surfaces

cleaning tips for busy moms with Lemi Shine

Was your mom like mine and had several cleaners for everything? Girl no! Save yourself time and money and get ONE multi-purpose cleaner like Lemi Shine’s Multi-Surface Antibacterial Spray Cleaner. I love this stuff. Lemi Shine has created safe and reliable cleaning products that help make our lives easier. What I really love about Lemi Shine Products is that they are a better-for-you, non-toxic household cleaning brand powered by citric extracts. While I’m not a Green mom per se, I do like the products I use in my house to be safe. Lemi Shine is affordable and just as effective as traditional cleaners. Which is why I use it everywhere in my house to get the job done. ESPECIALLY now that school is in and I don’t want Pookah bringing all those germs home! 

3. Divide up your Days 

ime to clean my entire house in one day, or even want to give up an entire Saturday to clean.  So, I started having designated days for cleaning. Mine goes like this:

Monday: bathrooms

Tuesday: Kitchen

Wednesday: Living Room

Thursday: Bedrooms

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some everyday tasks that have to be done. Like load the dishwasher (I love having Pookah do this using the Lemi Shine Dishwasher pods here)


And other things like make beds, pick up toys, shoes, etc. 

4. Put the other people in your house to work

Listen. The house didn’t get this way with just you! Hand out chores, have family cleaning time, etc.  Part of Pookah’s chores is to make up his bed and to keep his room clean.

I’m adding bathrooms this month.  My husband is responsible for his office and he will always wash a load. 

5. Have a dedicated spot for everything school-related. 

back to school cleaning tips for busy moms get the kids invovled

With school comes clutter: bookbags, lunch bags, books, supplies. Have a dedicated spot for them all so that you don’t end up searching your house for a compass (ask me how I know).

So that’s it. Those are my cleaning tips for busy moms during this Back to School season. 


Lemi Shine Products are perfect to use with your back to school cleaning routine for busy moms

Only Lemi Shine gives you an effective clean that will meet your high standards while keeping you and your family safe from toxins and harsh chemicals. And at an affordable price.   If you want to learn more about Lemi Shine Cleaning Products and how they help make your life a little easier with powerful & safe citric extracts – try them out!






Shiny Windows

Tuesday 14th of January 2020

I just love this multi-surface lemi shine cleaner! I used this to clean my kitchen and it looks a lot better. I like this, it's natural and has no chlorine. I like that too, there are no harsh chemical odours. This cleaner is user friendly. At night, I spray this on my double sink and leave it until the morning when it's dry, then I wipe it off. I can feel that coming off and I know I've got a very clean sink. This cleaner smell makes my house smell great.

Vera Gage

Tuesday 31st of December 2019

Such useful tips! I was finding some good cleaning products to use while cleaning and I got Lemi Shine and also I have heard a good review of its products so I will surely buy it. Hopefully, I will get the best result!

James Saleerno

Friday 8th of November 2019

I liked the packaging of the Lemi Shine products. It is really good to see that our kids helping us in the house cleaning I think the happy moment for moms. Really appreciated! I always divide the cleaning by different rooms but never can complete it within time. Thanks for the tips!


Wednesday 6th of November 2019

Wow, this is really awesome advice! Back to school cleaning is often such a stressful, time-consuming, strenuous task and can be a total pain. It’s always nice to find helpful tips to help get things going and to get the job done faster! Nice work! Thanks for sharing!

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