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currently iphone 5 january

It’s been a minute sooo…..

I’m Currently…


Well, see, I am three episodes behind on Empire. I hear it’s good, but see the way my internal time clock is set up, I’m sleep by the time it comes on. Sad.



Listening to:

I’m searching for new songs for my running play list. Qualifications: fast beat, ratchet, catchy tunes. Now that I’m running longer than an hour and a half, I’ve run out of tunes. Help a sister out.



Spring Break. This is the first year that we have this issue of what to do at spring break.  I want to do Disney. CDub….has no plans. I’ve worked the budget, and a quick trip down( which is really all my nerves can take) would work. Wish me luck in conviencing him.


Thinking About:

Spring. We had a glorious weekend last weekend and got out to the park for the first time in a while.


currently iphone 5 january

It was beautiful, and the boy slept like a log when he got home….

Looking Forward To:

My child not being sick. He came home Friday night with a mild fever that morphed into extremely high fevers all night which then led to the worst ear infection ever which then morphed more fevers and waking up every 2 hours which morphed into vomiting and diarrhea which THEN morphed into the worst case of Pink Eye I’ve EVER seen. I mean….the child can’t catch a break. And we I haven’t had much sleep for the last 3 nights.  If this morphs into anything else, I will drink all the coffee available in the Atlanta metro area while simultaneously having a breakdown.



currently, iphone 5

Annie Leibovitz at Work

Can I say that I’m so fascinated by her photos? ALWAYS have been. So when I saw this book on Bessie Akuba’s Instagram feed, I knew I had to have it. It’s fascinating to see the thought process behind some of her most famous photos and to just see the photos themselves. I am almost finished. I’ve been taking notes…

Making Me Happy

The fact that every week, there are wonderful bloggers and friends linking up with Mimi and I ‘s Our Project 52! I love going though all your photos and reading why you chose what you did. It’s turning out to be about more than photography and I love that!

If you haven’t joined up until now, you still can jump in! The theme for this week is Guilty Pleasure! Go on over and link up!


What’s Currently going on in your life?


**All photos taken with iPhone 5 and edited in VSCO cam app**

**this post contains affiliate links**

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