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It’s the first week of April and right now, I’m Currently….



Scandal. Chile. I admit, this Gladiator was snoozing this season. Just…bored…Even Liv’s kidnapping..blah. I was hoping Shonda was setting us up for something and last week: YAAAASSSSS to the return of Papa Pope! I’ve missed his long soliloquies and the mayhem that only he can inspire. Now I’m interested again and may actually start caring about these Cy and Mellie and Liv’s new sidepiece/Papa Pope’s man…..


Plate to Pixel. Since I’ve been posting more recipes lately on Everyday Eyecandy, I’ve been reading every last post that I can find on Pinterest about food photography and reading ebooks from blogs like Eat More Beets and Pinch of Yum.  I also ordered this book that I’ve been eyeballing for a while. Got to step up my Food Photography game and I am loving this book.


Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly  Listen. I do NOT like today’s version of hip hop. First off, I can’t understand half of what these fools talk about and second, when I figure it out, they are not saying anything that is worth my time. What happened to the storytelling? The deep thoughts? The FLOW? But KENDRICK LAMAR???? Yes Ma’am!  Go get you a piece.


Gluten Free stuff. Pookah is a picky eater. He is ridiculous even if you allow for that fact that he has a food allergy and is very leery of eating things that might make him sick.  It has become my mission in life to bake something other than cake and cupcakes that he will eat and enjoy. So I bake. A lot.  You’ll be seeing more recipes around here because of it.


Sleep deprived. I’ve got a ton of stuff to do this week before we go out of town to the in laws for the rest of the week.  That means cleaning, some writing, some photo taking….*cries* why do I always wait until the last minute?



Disney in November. It’s officially happening. I’m calling the travel agent to day to book the trip and put down a deposit. We are going for Thanksgiving which is also Pookah’s birthday. I plan to have mucho fun. And take plenty of photos. Last time  we only stayed one day and stayed off property. This time, we are staying ON property and staying for 4 days. It’s taken me a month to research where we were staying, the tickets, should we get a meal plan etc. You may see a post or two or three on my preparations for it. Prepare yourself,you have been warned. …


Instagram. It’s funny, I’ve been on this platform for a few years now. And I swear I learn something new about it all the time. I don’t have the most followers( you ARE following me RIGHT @lashawnwiltz?!?!).  But what I do have is an engaged audience who comment, laugh and cry with me. All through photos. I’ll be sharing a few things that I’ve learned over the past few months at BlogHer this summer. You’re coming right?


84|365: Wednesday mornings: I made us some eggs… #breakfastdate #everydayeyecandy #coffeetime

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Saturday 11th of April 2015

Yay for the vacay! You deserve it!


Wednesday 8th of April 2015

I am so behind on Scandal... I gotta catch up ASAP. And I heard the new Kendrick Lamar is everything. I need to learn more about Instagram and other platforms too, like how to search IG better.


Sunday 19th of April 2015

Instagram is so fun!! you'll love it!


Wednesday 8th of April 2015

your blog... I love it! Great pics, great content! I don't always comment but I always read. That bit about IG, I agree, not a ton of followers, but I love to interact with those who do follow. xox


Wednesday 8th of April 2015

I am loving your food posts. I feel like Z may have some gluten intolerance. It's been on my mind and I will be asking her doctor about it. Looking forward to your recipes. I haven't baked in forever so I need to get my life.

I haven't watched Scandal in forever. It's on the DVR. I'm saving it for when I need a moment away from the littles this summer.

I am not a HipHop gal but I here this Kendrick guy is dope. I'll give him a try.

JayL Harris

Tuesday 7th of April 2015

I feel you about Scandal. I'm super glad to see Poppa Pope back as well.