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It’s March! How is the first quarter of the year almost over? This month is the start of a busy season for me in terms of a lot of things, but for now, let’s talk about what’s Currently going on in my life! 

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Well, I binged watched the Umbrella Academy and right now, I’m in the middle of Black Earth Rising. It’s soooo good. Looking for another show to binge watch on a Saturday when I don’t get out of bed. Suggestions?



Right now I’m reading several books, lol BUT  I really want to finish  My Sister the Serial Killer and start The Opposite of Always. I am #3 on the wait list at the library for it. Can’t wait. 



Lots of Weight Watchers ( or WW) recipes. Its been.. not as hard as I thought it would be. Taco Tuesday took a bit of creativity on my part. but I loved this Fajita Bowl I made this week.
It was creatively low in points and I’m trying to figure out what else can I put in a bowl! I do love finding ways to make my favorite meals healthy. 



Travel. OMG all the travel!!!
My vision board this year has an airplane in one section… There are lots of opportunities coming up for my family and I and I can’t wait to share them all! I will be traveling in a few weeks and more in April…and May…and possibly June! Updates to come in a few weeks.


I’m about to start Binge watching Beverly Hills 90210. Luke Perry…sigh. Who didn’t think he was the perfect bad boy? I watched that show religiously when it premiered until it went off. I was DEVASTATED when I heard Luke Perry died. It’s like another piece of girlhood…gone…
So that’s what’s going on in my life. What’s going on in yours?