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10 Apps That Limit your Screentime and Help You Be More Productive

So for the past two days, I have been reseaching apps that limit your screentime.  Wait, let me start at the beginning.

My productivity has been suffering. It’s horrible. I’ve been trying to figure out the problem all year! But then, on Wednesday, Facebook and Instagram were down. AND I WAS BEYOND PRODUCTIVE.  So I checked my iPhone for the usage report and OMG. I’m ashamed to say how much time I spend on Facebook Instagram, text messages, Email and many others all day long. Last week, I had 46 hours on social networking apps alone. FORTY-SIX HOURS FRIENDS!!! So I decided I needed to do better. I set out to find apps that limit your screentime. Because I really need help. 

I needed something to block social media activity so that I can get back to being productive,( for example, it took me much longer than it should have to write this post because I kept getting distracted by social media on my phone !) I spent all yesterday and this morning researching and I found 10 options that I think will work. Read all the way through to the end to find out which one I am using! 

apps that limit your screentime

10 Apps That Limit Your Screentime and Help You Be More Productive

Apps that limit your screentime on Both Android and IOS

1. Space

Space ( download for Android or iOS)  helps by setting goals for you to be more mindful of how much screentime you have. When you first set it up, you answer a series of questions about your smartphone habits. Now personalized to you, Space sets screen unlock and time use goals. The app will even send you notifications and reward you with different achievement badges when you meet your goals. 


2. Flipd

If you think you need a HUGE push to cut back on screen time, Flipd might be the app for you.  ( Download for Android or iOS) Once you lock an app on your phone for a certain period of time, there is NO going back. You CANNOT disable the app by restarting your phone!!! It’s hardcore!! 

3. Forest

 The Forest (download for Android or iOS) app works by letting you plant a seed and watching it grow into a tree. BUT when you start using social media on your phone, your trees die.  The apps is basically a reward system. I think this one is good for folks who are motivated by virtual rewards. 


Lilspace ( download for IOS and coming May 2019 Android)  shows how much you use your phone and has in-app community support. There are PERKS from some participating businesses that have incentives to help you quit your devices. Some will even reward you by donating money to charities.  

5. Offtime

This app allows you to block not only social media but games and even text messages. You can also determine what you can and can’t access for specific times like Family time, Work Time and Me Time. (iOS  and Android

Apps that limit your screentime For iPhone Only


6.  Freedom

The Freedom app started out as an app just for Mac, but it’s now available for your iPhones and iPads. Freedom lets you create blocklists and schedule time away from apps. What I really like about this one is that you can create customized blocklists across ALL of your devices! There is a free trial, but once that is over there is a monthly subscription at $7 a month or $29 a year to access all of its features.  

Apps for Android  Only

7.Off The Grid

This ap is for people who REALLY have trouble staying off their phones. Off The Grid COMPLETELY blocks your phone for any length of time you want. If you try to use your phone after you have activated the app, the app will charge your credit card $1 for each time you end your session early. YIKES.  

Apps for your Computer IOS Only

8. Self Control

Self Control is only for IOS. I use this one personally on both my Desktop and my MacBook mainly to cut myself off of Facebook. You can use it to block access to websites, your email server, or anything else on the internet. It works by creating a list of blacklist sites and lets you choose a set amount of time to block. You cannot access what you blocked even if you restart your computer OR delete the application. It’s great.  

Apps For Both IOS and Windows

9. Cold Turkey

If you are one of those people who just need to quit cold turkey, this app is for you! It’s a browser extension that allows you to choose specific time limits to block web pages, the entire internet OR your entire computer.  One interesting perk: there is a writer feature that forces you to finish writing your paper before you can do anything else. Which is great for writers, bloggers, and students.  (  Free or $29 for Pro)


FocusMe lets you block certain websites and apps for a limited time like most other apps. The difference is that you can also block something FOREVER if you really need to. I like that FocusMe will also remind you to take breaks throughout the day too. Another potential use for this one is that Parents can use the app to set a limit of their kids time on games and what sites they are allowed to visit.  The app is $9/month.


Kill News Feed

If you just want to stop yourself from scrolling your Facebook feed, try  Kill News Feed, a google extension. The extension will block the Facebook news feed, but will still allow you to see notifications and post yourself. It’s like you can go in and post something and get out without being distracted. 
So I’m going to try Freedom. Mainly because it will carry over for my computers and my phone. I’m starting the free trial today!!
What apps do you use to limit your screentime?? Share!!

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