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Hello Friends! I’ve been neglecting my blog but I’m back!

The last time I did one of these posts was in OCTOBER!

That just goes to show you how hectic my life has been! And at the same time, how there was nothing really new to report. But for real, there is so much to update you on since then! So much has happened, so let’s get to what’s Currently going on in my life.



Both CDub and I are fully vaccinated, and they are talking about vaccinating kids under 12 by fall. Pookah survived and ended up kind of sorta thriving his first year of middle school.

I feel like a cloud has lifted. Like life is getting ready to look kind of sort of normal this summer. Or rather, what passes for “normal” these days.

I am eager to return to traveling. Though again, its going to look different than before. We went to the beach for spring break and we survived.

We went to a family wedding on the beach and survived.

Another beach trip is planned and a trip to a very “happy” place…

I’m feeling more and more like me.


OMG. So many books, so little time!!!

I got my hands on an advanced copy of Jasmine Guillory’s While We Were Dating that comes out in July and GUYS!!! It was SO SO good. I can’t wait to share my review with you soon.

Right now, I’m making my way through While Justice Sleeps By Stacey Abrams and The Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo

Two books on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but variety is the spice of life…

Check out the rest of my to be read list for May right here.


The way my body looks.

I know there is this trend right now, to love your body because it carried you through a pandemic no matter what it looks like.


I love my body. It gave me Pookah, it’s gotten me this far.

But BECAUSE I LOVE MY BODY, I know it’s not in the best shape to live my best life with it. Someone said the other day that for some of us, weight loss is our greatest act of self love.

I FELT THAT in my soul.

When I look back at photos of me last year this time, I’m shocked, but try to remind myself, it was in the middle of a pandemic and food was my way of coping. But I also know that my knees would barely carry me up the stairs, I was in constant pain, always out of breath, couldn’t twerk without being winded and it just felt awful.

So right now, forgive me if I celebrate my body and how far it’s come. It’s not where I want it to be but BAAABY! Be prepared to see more of it as the summer progresses LOL.


The July Edition of Pouring Over Books Box.

I started a new business friends! A subscription box for book people who love coffee! It’s starting off as a bi-monthly box until the end of the year curated by me.

Every box has coffee, a book and 3-4 book and or coffee related items.

I love that people are loving the box and sharing it. I had no idea how it would make me feel to see my little passion project out there in the world being enjoyed by others.

The next box goes on sale to the waitlist first On June 15th and to the general public June 16th. The Box sold out in 5 hours last time, so Sign up HERE to make sure you are on the waitlist so that you don’t miss out!

Excited For

I am finally going to meet my niece and nephew.

weeps joyfully

These two were born the summer before the pandemic. I never made it up to see them, thinking I had time.

Now, we are all vaccinated and I can’t wait to play and kiss on fat little cheeks.

The kicker: I have to get on a plane to do it.

Tickets are booked. Let’s just hope I don’t have a panic attack.

Ok, that’s what’s currently going on in my life! What’s going on in yours?