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Currently- The Covid-19 Edition

I haven’t done one of these since October! But hey, here we are, in the midst of a pandemic and it’s the perfect time to do one of these posts. I want to be able to look back in my achives and see what’s been Currently happening in my world.

So, here is what’s Currently going on in my world.

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It was ok at the beginning. It was a novelty I guess.

But the newness has worn off and I’m just tired.

Tired of being afraid, tired of watching family get sick and not being able to do anything.

Mad about all the this virus has taken away from me: travel, hugs from my mom, a chance to visit my almost year old niece and nephew, random trips to the park, the ability to find toilet paper, sit down meals in restaurants, strolling Target just because instead of rushing through trying to avoid..people.

I miss the little things.


When we started to shelter in place, I had a long list of books I was finally going to get to. But as I started reading, I found that I just couldn’t read anything…that deep. I’ve started and restarted The Nickel Boys 5 times. I can’t finish American Dirt, It’s taking me forever to get through the last book in a serious series I was reading.

So what have I been reading? Romances, YA, books on vampires and werewolves, and a lot of bad free kindle books. ANYTHING that takes me away from reality and suffering and lets me live in fantasy land for a while.


This recipe for gluten-free cinnamon sugar banana bread is so good!


This pandemic has me baking. ALL. THE. TIME.

I made banana bread for the 500th time yesterday and I’ve been experimenting and making new recipes left and right.

My scale is like Chile….


I would have thought that I would be listening to even more podcasts, but nope.

What I am listening to is more books on Audible. I listen to them while cleaning, while I’m swinging in the hammock, and while walking around the neighborhood.

Right now I’m listening to Wow, No Thank You by Samantha Irby. Made funnier because it’s read by her.


photo via Amazon Prime

Not as much tv as I thought I would.

I have my moments when I will find a new show and binge watch it in one day ( PLEASE check out Upload on Amazon Prime. Hillarious and cute) But I can’t sit for long binge-watching. So as a result, my Netflix cue is full of half-finished seasons of various shows.


How about I say what I want to plan?

I want to plan life after this pandemic.

I want to plan a day at the beach, a trip to Disney, a trip to my mother’s house and just time outside of this house and this city.

Instead, I’m scrambling to try to plan what I’m going to do with Pookah this summer.

He’s had school to occupy him for the last two months, but now there is nothing and the novelty of being home has worn off.

On the one hand I want to throw up my hands and let him play fortnite endlessly, but I have to be a parent I guess and find something for him to do.

If you have ideas, send them…


So is there anything I’m loving about this time of corona?

The slow down. Even though I’ve been feeling confined and somewhat trapped, I love the slower days.

I love not rushing in the morning.

I love the little schedule I’ve gotten into.

I love that CDub made me an outdoor room on the porch.

I love my hammock in the backyard.

I love that Pookah and I talk a lot more.

I love evening walks with the three of us.

I love that we are doing more things TOGETHER as a family.

So that’s what’s currently going on in my life. What’s going on in yours?

Kaye Mayers

Friday 22nd of May 2020

I have been trying to study Teach English as a Foreign Language. It’s not going so well. Also got a hammock, love that. Listening to Becoming - Michelle Obama on Audible. Watching all sorts re-runs Anthony Bourdain on Prime, Ozark, Tiger King Netflix. There is a lot to do but do I want to do any of it? Sending best wishes.

Reginia Cordell

Friday 22nd of May 2020

I've done lots of eating but I'm better now and getting back on the low-carb routine. I've done more writing. As much of a homebody as I am, I'm ready to go outside, well travel but countries aren't hosting any Americans right now. #cries

LaShawn Wiltz

Friday 22nd of May 2020

Regina I want to travel so bad girl!!! I'm ready for ANYWHERE